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Fourier Transform Near Infrared Spectroscopy

FT-NIR sample chamber

FT-NIR is mainly used for absorption spectroscopy and can be used to identify complex compounds such as polymer blends or investigate sample composition. Infrared spectroscopy correlation tables are tabulated in the literature.


Perkin Elmer Spectrum One NTS, Fourier Transform Near Infrared spectrometer, FT-NIR


NTS software incorporating instrument control, data manipulation and analysis, and flexible report utilities.


Operated in standard transmission mode

  • Wavelength range: 680-4800 nm (14700-2000 cm-1)
  • Resolution: 0.1-6.4 nm at 1000 nm (1 cm-1 to 64 cm-1)
  • Wavelength accuracy: 0.028 nm at 1670nm (0.1cm-1 at 6000 cm-1)