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Materials Characterisation Facilities

The material Characterisation Facility encompasses a number of laboratories in the School of Physics.
  • Perkin Elmer Lambda 1050 UV Vis NIR (190nm-3300nm)
    • 150mm integrating sphere (200nm-2600nm)
    • WinLab software
  • Photo-luminescence Vis NIR (Edinburgh Instruments FL920)
    • 200nm-1600nm
    • Visible detector
    • NIR detector
    • Standard UV Vis scans
    • Lifetime Scan
    • Mapping
  • Fluorescence
    • Perkin Elmer LS55
    • 200nm – 800nm
  • Raman (Horiba)
    • Green Laser
    • Red Laser
  • FTIR Spectrometer

To book time on these pieces of equipment please go to the link below.
(Note that at present you must be connected to the wired network to login)
Link to OAL booking system.

 Other Technical Support provided for the following Equipment and areas:

  • Cleanroom (Class 10000 & 100)
    • Fabrication facility
    • Edwards E306 Evaporator
    • Mask Aligners for 4” wafers
    • Wet Bench area
    • Spin coaters
    • Tube Furnaces
  • Universal Tensile/compression Zwick test machines
    • 1 x single column 100N
    • 1 x double column 2.5kN

Please contact David for technical support and advice:

David M. O’Mahony
Ext: 3801
Room: 3.24 SNIAM