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Dr. Mark Mitchison
Assistant Professor, Physics


Mark is a theoretical physicist originally from London. He obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Leeds in 2011 and his PhD from Imperial College London in 2016. He then carried out postdoctoral research at the University of Ulm and Trinity College Dublin. In 2021, Mark was appointed as an Assistant Professor in Quantum Science and founded the Theory of Controlled Quantum Systems group at Trinity. He is presently focussed on developing and delivering content for the MSc in Quantum Science and Technology, recently established as part of the HEA's Human Capital Initiative.

Mark's primary interest is the physics of quantum technologies, which exploit the bizarre quantum-mechanical behaviour of particles such as electrons, atoms and photons to create ultra-precise quantum sensors, quantum simulators of complex materials, and quantum computers. These technologies are currently under intense investigation worldwide in a multitude of different physical forms, ranging from superconducting circuits to atoms trapped by laser light. Mark's research focusses on the role of random noise in quantum technologies: How can noise be suppressed to improve performance? Or can it actually be harnessed to beneficial effect? Can noise can be used as a probe to better understand the underlying physics of the device? Tackling these questions requires pulling together concepts and methods that span mesoscopic and atomic physics, quantum optics, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, and quantum information.

Mark's research is theoretical in nature but remains firmly rooted in experiment, and has inspired or directly contributed to several high-profile experiments on ultra-cold atoms, trapped ions, and nano-electromechanical systems. His work has repeatedly attracted coverage from the scientific and national press, including the Irish Times, New Scientist, Physics World, and Nature Physics.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Research Expertise


OPEN QUANTUM SYSTEMS; quantum coherence; Quantum computation; quantum control; QUANTUM NOISE; QUANTUM OPTICS; Quantum sensing; Quantum simulation



Member of the IOP 04/09/2019