Stefano Sanvito

Trinity College, Department of Physics, Dublin 2, IRELAND

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            Lecturer (January 2002-Present)  Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Assistant Researcher  (November 1999-December 2001) University of California, Santa Barbara (Prof. Nicola Hill)
Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics  (1996-1999) University of Lancaster (UK) (Prof. C.J. Lambert) and Qinetiq (former Defence and Evaluation Research Agency), Malvern (UK)(Prof. J.H. Jefferson)
Post-Laurea Fellowship (1994-1995 ) University of Milan (Italy) (Prof. G. Preparata) and Pirelli Cavi S.p.A. (Italy) (Dr. F. Fontana)
"Laurea" (equivalent to M.Sc) in Theoretical Physics  (1989-1994)  University of Milan (Italy) (Prof. G. Preparata)

  1. Density functional study of electronic and transport properties of spintronics materials and in particular of III-V diluted magnetic semiconductors 
  2. Development of analytical and numerical techniques for quantum electronic transport using ab initio methods 
  3. Tight-binding methods for quantum transport in disordered systems 
  4. Transport properties of magnetic hybrid systems and carbon nanotubes 
  5. Quantum field theory approach to waveguide lasers (post "Laurea" project)

  1. Lecturer: Electromagnetic Theory, Trinity College 2002
  2. Lecturer: Electricity and Magnetism, Trinity College 2002
  3. Temporary Lecturer: Introduction to Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, UCSB 2001 
  1. Spin-orbit effects on transport of Superconductor/Magnetic metal junctions and Superconductor/Magnetic Multilayer systems, with Dr. F. Taddei (University of Catania, Italy) and Prof. C.J. Lambert (University of Lancaster, UK)
  2. Magnetic Properties of Carbon Nanotubes, with Dr. Y.-K. Kwon (University of California, Berkeley)
  3. Tight-binding methods for diluted magnetic semiconductor nanoclusters, with Prof. D.D. Sarma (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India)
  4. Strong correlation in diluted magnetic semiconductors, with Dr. A. Filippetti, and Prof. N.A. Hill (University of California, Santa Barbara) 

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