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TRANSPIRE Public Downloads:

TRANSPIRE Deliverable 1.1 - Low moment ferrimagnet on high-Z seed

Progress beyond state-of-the-art: Growth of spin-polarised materials with magnetisation less than 100 kA/m on high-Z seed materials 

pdf TRANSPIRE D1.1 Report.pdf (749 KB)

TRANSPIRE Deliverable 1.2 - Seed layer report for ferrimagnetic films

Progress beyond state-of-the-art: Growth of a ZHM on seed layers demonstrating magnetocrystalline and interfacial effects; Development of buffer layers suitable for device integration onto Si 

pdf TRANSPIRE D1.2 Report.pdf (2.0 MB)

TRANSPIRE Deliverable 2.1 - First GMR/TMR measurements

Progress beyond state-of-the-art: First measurement of TMR with a zero-moment ferrimagnet 

pdf TRANSPIRE D2.1 Report.pdf (496 KB)

TRANSPIRE Deliverable 2.2 - FMR below 50 GHz on a ferrimagnet

Report on the FMR dispersion of a tailored ferrimagnet with a resonance frequency < 50 GHz. Progress beyond state-of-the-art: Electrical detection of in-phase and out-of-phase magnetic resonance modes in thin ferrimagnetic films 

pdf TRANSPIRE D2.2 Report.pdf (713 KB)

TRANSPIRE Deliverable 3.1 - Resonant excitation in zero-field of an ferrimagnet film with a resonance frequency of order 0.5 THz

Progress beyond state-of-the-art: Detection of tunable narrowband THz emission from magnetic thin films over a distance of several tens of centimetres, resonant excitation of a ferrimagnetic film at a center frequency of 0.36 THz 

pdf TRANSPIRE D3.1 Report.pdf (998 KB)

TRANSPIRE Deliverable 3.2 - Field dispersion of resonance > 500 GHz

Progress beyond state-of-the-art: Field dispersion of resonance in Mn3-xGa Heusler alloys 

pdf TRANSPIRE D3.2 Report.pdf (700 KB)

TRANSPIRE Deliverable 4.1 - ST in devices including phonon/magnon dispersion

ST in devices including phonon/magnon dispersion. Phonons, magnon and finite difference spin torque for Mn2Ga and the Mn2Ga/MgO junction 

pdf TRANSPIRE D4.1 Report.pdf (1010 KB)

TRANSPIRE Deliverable 6.2 - Data Management Plan

TRANSPIRE Data Management plan (Version 1.0, 25th of April, 2017) 

pdf TRANSPIRE D6.2 Report.pdf (619 KB)

Last updated: Feb 08 2018.