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The Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors (PY7001) ver. 2019 - The module is aimed at the MSc of Energy students in the Physics part of the corresponding course of the School of Physics, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

pdf NRPT_PY4P03_Lecture1.pdf (2.6 MB) DjVu NRPT_PY7001_2019_Lecture1_B&W.djvu (855 KB)

pdf NRPT_PY4P03_Lecture2.pdf (0.5 MB) DjVu NRPT_PY7001_2019_Lecture2_B&W.djvu (198 KB)

pdf NRPT_PY4P03_Lecture3.pdf (2.7 MB) DjVu NRPT_PY7001_2019_Lecture3_B&W.djvu (913 KB)

pdf NRPT_PY4P03_Lecture4.pdf (0.4 MB) DjVu NRPT_PY7001_2018_Lecture4_B&W.djvu (210 KB)

pdf NRPT_PY4P03_Lecture5.pdf (1.3 MB) DjVu NRPT_PY7001_2019_Lecture5_B&W.djvu (820 KB)

pdf NRPT_PY4P03_Lecture6.pdf (0.6 MB) DjVu NRPT_PY7001_2019_Lecture6_B&W.djvu (593 KB)

The Physics of Semiconductor Devices (PY4P03) ver. 2016 - The module is aimed at final year (SS) students in the Physics and NPCAM undergraduate courses of the School of Physics, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

pdf SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture1.pdf (1.1 MB) DjVu SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture1_B&W.djvu (866 KB)

pdf SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture2.pdf (702 KB) DjVu SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture2_B&W.djvu (709 KB)

pdf SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture3.pdf (729 KB) DjVu SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture3_B&W.djvu (457 KB)

pdf SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture4.pdf (796 KB) DjVu SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture4_B&W.djvu (397 KB)

pdf SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture5.pdf (583 KB) DjVu SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture5_B&W.djvu (471 KB)

pdf SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture6.pdf (536 KB) DjVu SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture6_B&W.djvu (597 KB)

pdf SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture7.pdf (2.1 MB) DjVu SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture7_B&W.djvu (647 KB)

pdf SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture8.pdf (1.3 MB) DjVu SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture8_B&W.djvu (629 KB)

pdf SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture9.pdf (1.1 MB) DjVu SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture9_B&W.djvu (527 KB)

pdf SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture10.pdf (762 KB) DjVu SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture10_B&W.djvu (821 KB)

pdf SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture11.pdf (930 KB) DjVu SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture11_B&W.djvu (496 KB)

pdf SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture12.pdf (862 MB) DjVu SSSD_PY4P03_Lecture12_B&W.djvu (801 KB)

Material Properties and Phase Diagrams (PY2N20) ver. 2014 - The module is aimed at second year (SF) students in the NPCAM undergraduate course of the School of Physics, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

pdf SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture1.pdf (3.9 MB) DjVu SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture1_B&W.djvu (1.6 MB)

pdf SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture2.pdf (3.4 MB) DjVu SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture2_B&W.djvu (1.9 MB)

pdf SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture3.pdf (4.8 MB) DjVu SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture3_B&W.djvu (1.7 MB)

pdf SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture4.pdf (2.0 MB) DjVu SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture4_B&W.djvu (946 KB)

pdf SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture5.pdf (2.1 MB) DjVu SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture5_B&W.djvu (1.0 MB)

pdf SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture6.pdf (2.9 MB) DjVu SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture6_B&W.djvu (1.5 MB)

pdf SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture7.pdf (2.7 MB) DjVu SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture7_B&W.djvu (1.0 MB)

pdf SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture8.pdf (3.3 MB) DjVu SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture8_B&W.djvu (1.3 MB)

pdf SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture9.pdf (5.5 MB) DjVu SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture9_B&W.djvu (1.9 MB)

pdf SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture10.pdf (4.1 MB) DjVu SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture10_B&W.djvu (1.6 MB)

pdf SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture11.pdf (3.4 MB) DjVu SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture11_B&W.djvu (1.1 MB)

pdf SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture12.pdf (798 KB) DjVu SFMP_PY2N20_Lecture12_B&W.djvu (193 KB)

Last updated: Dec 04 2019.