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PY3010 Electromagnetism I


Links to parts of the course will be enabled at the beginning of the week during which specific lecture material is to be covered. The powerpoint files which are accessible from the links below do not constitute a full set of notes for this course - attendance at lectures is essential for successful completion of the course.


To print a set of notes with two slides per sheet

click on a link below and save the .ppt file

open the .ppt file

go to print preview

in the print what box, select handouts (2 slides per page)

click on the print icon

Course texts:

Electromagnetism , 2nd Edn. Grant and Phillips (Wiley)

Electromagnetic Fields and Waves , 2nd Edn. Lorrain and Corson (Freeman)



1). Vector Operators and Vector Analysis

2). Gauss' Law and applications

3). Electrostatic and Dielectric Phenomena

4). Ampere's Law and Applications

5). Magnetostatic and Magnetic Phenomena

6). Maxwell's Equations and Electromagnetic Radiation


Tutorial Problem Sheet

Tutorial Solution Sheet

Suggested reading from Grant and Phillips:

Chapters 1 to 3 pp 1-100

Chapter 4 pp 123 - 154

Chapter 5 pp 166 - 194, 208-209

Chapter 6 pp 218 - 221, 228 - 230, 239-240, 243-246

Chapter 10 pp 348 - 363

Chapter 11 pp 364 - 391



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