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Professor Stephen Dooley has been awarded €122,213 for his research, which attempts to create petrol and diesel from household and plant waste.

12 Feb 2019

Ireland must reduce its CO2 emissions by 20% relative to 2005 levels by 2030. The transport sector is the second largest contributor to our CO2 emissions, due to a reliance of fossil derived petrol and diesel. Researchers at TCD and UL have figured out how to make petrol and diesel from household and plant wastes. This is important, as these biofuels are both made from non-food feed stocks and are carbon neutral.

This TIDA allows for tests that will determine how affordably the prototype laboratory technology can actually work in the real world using real world waste materials. This information will inform as to how cheaply the "bio-petrol" and "bio-diesel" produced can be sold for. If the fuels can be produced at a price competitive with fossil petrol or fossil diesel, the technology will greatly aid in decarbonizing the transport sector.