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Prof. Igor Shvets and Prof. Stefano Sanvito receive Irish Research Council Advanced Laureate Awards

15 Apr 2019

The IRC Advanced Laureate Awards scheme was launched in 2018 to support exceptional researchers in conducting frontier basic (blue-sky) research that pushes the boundaries of our current knowledge.

Prof. Stefano Sanvito

eMag: A computational platform for accelerated magnetic materials discovery

Stefano is a professor of Condensed Matter Theory. From the compass, which has been used for navigation since the 11th century, to the hard disk drives, which power our computers, magnetism has always enabled our way of living. Yet, the number of known and useful magnetic materials is limited. The eMag project aims to discover new magnets at an unprecedented speed. The idea is to combine advanced electronic structure methods, rooted in quantum mechanics, with artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict properties of unknown magnetic materials and eventually make them in the lab. eMag is a first step in the direction of fully automated materials discovery.

Prof.Igor Shvets

New concepts for superconducting tunnelling junctions.

Igor is currently Head of School in Physics and a professor of Applied Physics, his project SUPERTUNNEL will explore new concepts in superconducting junctions. Current in a superconducting loop can flow without loss of energy in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction, defining two distinct quantum states of the device. This property is the foundation of a quantum bit (qubit), the basic element of a quantum computer. Professor Shvets’ team are investigating a completely new architecture of the qubit free from defects which compromises its performance.