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Photographs from the ESO Industry Day held in the Fitzgerald Library, School of Physics, TCD

From left to right: Colin Vincent (STFC, UK), Tommi Kippelainen (Blue Cielo ECM Solutions, Finland), Arnaud Tromp (ESO, Head of Contracts & Procurement), Brian Espey (TCD), Vinnie Cahill (Dean of Research, TCD), Laura Comendadour Frutos (ESO, Head of Legal & International Affairs), Paul Callanan (UCC), Mark Casali (ESO, Science Staff), Claus Madsen (ESO Senior Counsellor for International Relations).

Arnaut Tromp, the Head of Contracts and Procurement at ESO talked about the contracting system how procurements are handled, with particular reference to forthcoming contracts for the 1 billion euro funding just released for the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT).

Colin Vincent from the Science and Technology Funding Council of the UK reviewed the UK's accession process to ESO and the benefits that have accrued since membership in 2003.

Finland has been used in some instances as a similar case to Ireland in terms of population and economy. Tommi Kippelainen provided an overview in relation to Ireland and the advantages gained for his data handling company since Finnish accession to ESO in 2004.

Jon Kennedy, Technical Director of Captec, reviewed his company, its involvement with aerospace companies, including ESA and Airbus, and the potential for involvement with mission-critical software for ESO.

John O'Donoghue, founder of Enbio, reviewed the development of CoBlast durable coating technology which is in use on ESA and NASA spacecraft, as well as in Airbus components, and which might have applications to ESO hardware.

A general view of the audience in attendance at the ESO Industry Information Day.