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Joint Honors Philosophy (TR001)

Replacing TSM Philosophy from 2019/20

Allows students to study two subjects to degree level with advanced specialisation in one or both subjects depending on their course choices.


What is Joint Honors Philosophy?

The Joint Honors programme offers a choice of various subjects which complement the study of philosophy such as history, mathematics, English and a range of other languages. The two subjects are taught separately and the overall workload is similar to that of a single honours degree.

Is it for me?

If you are interested in examining questions regarding the ultimate nature of reality and our knowledge of it, or in questioning society's basic assumptions and in analysing the moral, political, aesthetic and religious questions lying at the heart of our culture in an articulate manner you will find this a stimulating and challenging course.

Trinity graduates are extremely well regarded worldwide and our students find that their ability to be analytical and to be innovative thinkers opens up a range of career opportunities in fields as varied as teaching, journalism, advertising, law, film making, business and technology. Many students go on to postgraduate study both at Trinity and other prestigious universities such as Stanford, MIT, LSE and the University of Cambridge.

What are the entry requirements?

Each combination of two subjects has a different CAO course code and entry requirements. Please visit the Study at Trinity website for additional details regarding admissions requirements.

For further information please visit the Trinity Joint Honors website.