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Although philosophy is a rigorous and challenging discipline in its own right, it also has clear applications to other fields of study. Therefore, students at Trinity have the option to combine the study of philosophy with another subject, or subjects, depending on their interests. We teach courses which have both systematic and historical emphases and in the higher years students can choose options and get to write a thesis on a topic of their own choice. There is also a lively student society, the Metafizz, which offers the opportunity of combining social activities with philosophy.

Single Honours Philosophy (TR005)

Provides an intensive and in-depth education in philosophical theory, method and practice. In the first two years students study traditional courses in the history of philosophy as well as engaging with certain fundamental philosophical problems. In the final two years students may choose to specialise in the subject areas they have found most interesting and most suitable to their skills.

"Why should you study philosophy at Trinity? One reason is the breadth of the course. During my time at Trinity I took classes on almost all of the main traditions of philosophy and was introduced to most of the core problems in philosophy." -- Single Honours Philosophy Graduate

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Joint Honours Philosophy (TR001)

Allows students to study two subjects to degree level with advanced specialisation in one or both subjects depending on their course choices. The Joint Honours programme offers a choice of multiple subjects which complement the study of philosophy such as history, mathematics, English and a range of other languages.

"Philosophy provides you with the tools necessary to critically engage with any subject, to analyse arguments and to communicate your thoughts clearly and cogently."-- Philosophy Graduate

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PPES - Philosophy, Political Science, Economics and Sociology (TR015)

Brings together some of the most important approaches to understanding the social and human world, developing skills relevant to a wide range of future careers and activities. There is a gradual specialisation over the course of the degree with students ultimately having the option to just study philosophy or to combine it with political science, economics or sociology.

"I was first attracted to the PPES programme at TCD due to the large variety encompassed within one course. I found this initial broad subject range extremely useful as it meant I could obtain experience in various different fields before specialising in the later years." -- PPES Graduate

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