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Senior Freshman

The modules in the Senior Freshman year are as follows:

PI2012/PI2013 and PI2010/PI2011 are each made up of four module components with 11 lectures (over five and a half weeks) in each term. There are two lectures per week for each of the two modules. Each module component covers a single coherent theme or topic (e.g. Formal Logic or Kant's Epistemology and Metaphysics) and is usually taught by the same lecturer. PI2014 and PI2015 are made up of 6 module components between them and consist of two hours of lectures per week.

Part of the assessment for each course will be by means of essays, which are marked by the SF teaching assistants. For guidance please consult the list of SF Essay Titles.

The examination for each module takes place at the end of the year, during April and May. The rubric for the examination paper will reflect the components that make up each of the above modules.