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  • Phone Numbers: Please place prefix +353 1 896 before before the extension number.
  • Offices: Rooms are located on the 5th floor of the Arts Building unless otherwise noted.
  • Students needing to meet with their lecturer outside scheduled office hours should feel free to contact the lecturer by email to make an appointment.
Name Position Email Telephone Office Office Hours
Professor John Divers Professor Of Moral Philosophy (1837); Head of Department

Prof. Lilian Alweiss Assistant Professor 1206 5007 Tuesday 1pm
Dr Alison Fernandes Assistant Professor 1174 5005


Prof. James Levine Associate Professor 1113 5004

Mondays 2-4pm

Prof. Paul O'Grady Professor in Philosophy 1428 5017

Mondays 2-3pm

Prof. Vasilis Politis Associate Professor 0851463213 Plato Centre (1937 Building) Tuesdays at 2-3pm
Prof. Adina Preda Associate Professor   5031 Wednesday 2-3pm or by appointment
Dr Tom Farrell Visiting Assistant Professor   By appointment
Dr Adrian Downey Teaching Fellow 1214 5006 Thursdays 12-1pm
Prof William Ratoff Assistant Professor   5006  
Dr Pietro Intropi Teaching Fellow      
Dr Rachel Handley Teaching Fellow   5003

Tuesdays 2-3pm and Thursdays (Zoom) 4pm-5pm

Dr Jesse Spafford ERC Postdoc      
Mr Showkat Ali ERC Postdoc      
Dr Clare Moriarty IRC Postdoc   The Long Room Hub  
Dr Pablo Fernandez Velasco IRC Postdoc      
Dr Jonas Raab IRC Postdoc      
Dr Alex Moran IRC Postdoc