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The Department of Philosophy is a close-knit community of researchers, teachers and students. Who, while pursuing their own specialised interests, spend a great deal of time and effort collaborating and discussing issues of philosophical importance.

The idea that teaching and research go hand in hand is a cornerstone of our approach to Philosophy. Thus, in addition to our teaching staff, who are also actively engaged in research and publication, we regularly host Postdoctoral Fellows who pursue independent research projects, but who also contribute, through teaching, to the intellectual life of the Department.

Trinity is very proud of its tradition of excellence in Philosophy, and this is especially evinced in the on-going and active involvement of our Emeritus Fellows.

Last, but certainly not least, is the body-and-soul that our students bring to the Department of Philosophy. Our active community of Graduate Students contribute substantially to our research and teaching, and help to guide our Undergraduate Students through the often thorny hedgerows of philosophy.