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Philosophy Department Welcomes Professor John Divers, Chair of Moral Philosophy (1837)

predaThe Department of Philosophy is pleased to welcome Professor John Divers. Professor Divers, currently of Leeds University, will take up the Chair of Moral Philosophy (1837) in June 2021.

Professor Divers is a world-renowned expert in the theory of possibility and necessity. His most recent work defends an anti-realist conception of possibility and necessity, holding that these features of human thought do not correspond to any objective reality.

Professor Divers is the author of Possible Worlds (Routledge, 2002) and dozens of articles in journals such as Mind, Analysis, and Noûs. He is co-editor of Thought: A Journal of Philosophy and a past president of the Mind Association.
Trinity College Dublin has a distinguished history in philosophy, including such luminaries as George Berkeley (1685–1753) and Edmund Burke (1729–1797). The Chair of Moral Philosophy (1837) was previously held by philosophers such as Henry S. Macran, A. A. Luce, and, most recently, Peter Simons. The department is delighted to welcome Professor Divers as the latest addition to this tradition of philosophical excellence.