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Themes from the History of Philosophy

A two-day workshop at Trinity College Dublin. Hosted by the Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute.

All welcome, no prior registration required. Email for questions.

Friday 15.12, TRISS Seminar Room, Arts Building

2.00-3.15: Ruth Boeker (UCD): “Hume and Reid on promises, active powers and liberty”

3.15-4.30: Jim O’Shea (UCD): “Some Reflections on Kant’s Analysis of Perceptual Experience”

 4.30-5.15: Lucas Thorpe (Bogacizi, Istanbul): “Reid vs Williamson on perceptual Beliefs”

Drinks followed by dinner


Saturday 16.12, The Long Room Hub, Galbraith

10.30-11.45: James Camien McGuiggan (Southampton): “Not Enough, but Good Work: The Mobile Line of Duty”

11.45-1.00: Martin Sticker (TCD): “Kantian Beneficence and the Normativity of (Obligatory) Ends”


2.30-3.45: Ville Paukkonen (Helsinki): TBA

3.45-5.00: Corinna Mieth (Bochum): “Kant and social human rights”

Drinks followed by dinner