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Trinity College Dublin Philosophy Colloquium


The Colloquium is organised by Niall Connolly and takes place Monday evenings at 5pm in the Philosophy Department Seminar Room, Room 5012, Arts Building, unless otherwise noted.

Michaelmas Term

Date Speaker Institution Title
1 October 2012 Hans-Georg Moeller (www) University College Cork 'Negative Ethics - In Defense of Moral Foolishness?'
7 October 2012 Rafał Urbaniak (www) Trinity Long Room Hub Visiting Research Fellow 'Gödelizing the Yablo Paradox'
15 October 2012 Daniel Hutto University of Hertfordshire 'Fictionalism and Folk Psychology'
22 November 2012 Hallvard Lillehammer University of Cambridge 'There's Something About Moral Testimony'
12 November 2012 Cathal O'Madagain (www) University College Dublin 'Can words be concepts?'
19 November 2012 Rosanna Keefe (www) University of Sheffield 'Validity, Normativity and Degrees of Belief'
26 November 2012 Richard Pettigrew (www) University of Bristol 'Chance and Credences'
3 December 2012 Alfred Tauber (www) Boston University 'Requiem for the Ego: Inter-War Philosophers on Freud'
10 December 2012 Katerina Deligiorgi (www) University of Sussex 'Arbitrium Sensitivium Liberum: what it is and does anyone have it?'

Hilary Term

Date Speaker Institution Title
21 January 2013 Adrian Haddock (www) University of Stirling 'Perception, Knowledge, Objectivity'
28 January 2013 Emma Borg (www) University of Reading 'Exploring Linguistic Context Sensitivity'
4 February 2013 Catherine Rowett (www) University of East Anglia 'How come the rulers are the first to believe the noble lie?'
11 February 2013 Lucy O'Brien University College London 'Ambulo Ergo Sum'
18 February 2013 Alice Pinheiro Walla (www) Trinity College Dublin 'Ownership of the Earth and Provisional Right'
25 February 2013 David Papineau (www) King's College London 'Can we Really See a Million Colours?'
4 March 2013 Peter Lamarque University of York 'Poetry and Expression'
11 March 2013 Roman Dilcher (www) Universität Heidelberg 'Body and Corpse in Aristotle'
25 March 2013 Nancy Kendrick (www) Wheaton College, Norton, MA ''I thank thee lord that I am friendless too, tho that alas be hard to do' Astell and Wollstonecraft on Aristotelian Friendship'