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Trinity College Dublin Philosophy Colloquium


Michaelmas Term

Date Speaker Institution Title
3 October 2011 Peter Kail University of Oxford 'Constructing Humean Persons'
17 October 2011 D. Gregory MacIsaac (www) Carleton University 'The Divine Plato, the Divine Derrida - Philosophy as the Exegesis of 'Sacred' Texts'
14 November 2011 Jussi Suikkanen (www) University of Birmingham 'Ethical Theories and the Correlation Problem'
28 November 2011 Joel Walmsley (www) University College Cork 'Life, Emergence and the Status of AI'
5 December 2011 Komarine Romdenh-Romluc (www) University of Nottingham 'Alief and Bodily Intelligence'
12 December 2011 James Harris (www) University of St. Andrews 'Contexts for Hume on the Problem of Evil'

Hilary Term

Date Speaker Institution Title
30 January 2012 Sébastien Gandon (www) L'Université Blaise Pascal 'Logicism, Anti Psychologism, and the Philosophy of Mathematics'
6 February 2012 Richard Swinburne (www) University of Oxford 'Mind/Body Substance Dualism'
13 February 2012 Ben Jarvis Queens University Belfast 'Anti Individualism and Active Externalism'
5 March 2012 Guy Kahane University of Oxford 'Our Cosmic Insignificance'
18 February 2012 Philipp Steinkrüger The Plato Centre, Trinity College Dublin 'The Relation of Metaphysics and the Special Sciences in Aristotle'
2 April 2012 Conor McHugh (www) University of Southampton TBA