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Trinity College Dublin Philosophy Colloquium


Michaelmas Term

Date Speaker Institution Title
15 October 2010 Sven Rosenkranz (www) Freie Universität Berlin 'Radical Scepticism without Epistemic Closure'
22 October 2010 Jens Timmermann (www) University of St. Andrews 'Kantian Dilemmas'
29 October 2010 Antti Kauppinen (www) Trinity College Dublin TBA
5 November 2010 Katherine Hawley (www) University of St. Andrews 'Trust and Distrust'
19 November 2010 Fabian Freyenhagen (www) University of Essex TBA
26 November 2010 Ole Hjortland (www) University of St. Andrews 'Speech Acts and the Meaning of Logical Connectives'
3 December 2010 C. Anthony Anderson (www) University of California, Satna Barbara 'Conceptual Modality'
10 December 2010 Patrick Greenough (www) University of St. Andrews 'Pragmatic Effects in Thought: The Case of Moore's Paradox'

Hilary Term

Date Speaker Institution Title
28 January 2011 Michael Gabbay King's College London 'The proof theoretic foundations of logic, logicism, computation and computationalsim'
4 February 2011 Douglas Edwards University of Aberdeen 'Particularism about Truth and Knowledge'
11 February 2011 Kevin Timpe Northwest Nazarene University 'Choosing from Character: Why the Redeemed Can't Sin'
25 February 2011 John Hawthorne University of Oxford 'Knowledge and Epistemic Necessity'
11 March 2011 Fiona Macpherson (www) University of Glasgow 'Cognitive Penetration of Colour Experience'
18 March 2011 David Cockburn University of Wales Trinity Saint David 'What we Owe to Speakers'
23 March 2011 Helen Beebee (www) University of Birmingham 'How to carve nature across the joints without abandoning Kripke-Putnam Semantics'
1 April 2011 Göran Sundholm (www) University of Leiden 'Tractarian Heresies'