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Trinity College Dublin Philosophy Colloquium

Michaelmas Term

Date Speaker Institution Title
9 October 2009 Michael Boylan Marymount University 'The Foundations of Distributive Justice'
16 October 2009 Marie McGinn University of York 'Recognising what lies before us as ground: McDowell on how to read the Philosophical Investigations'
23 October 2009 Steven Hales (www) Bloomsburg University 'The Faculty of Intuition'
30 October 2009 Stephan Leuenberger (www) University of Glasgow 'Contingently Grounded Modality'
6 November 2009 Christoph Lumer (www) University of Siena 'From Moral Value to Moral Obligation'
13 November 2009 Michael Otsuka University College London 'Risking Life and Limb: How to Discount Harms by their Improbability'
20 November 2009 Rafał Urbaniak (www) University Ghent 'Abstraction without Abstracta'
27 November 2009 Nick Tosh NUI Galway 'Was the universe's initial state improbable? Reflections on the conceptual foundations of thermodynamics'
4 December 2009 Joseph Diekemper Queens University Belfast 'Divine Eternity and Foreknowledge'

Hilary Term

Date Speaker Institution Title
29 January 2010 Jennifer Saul (www) University of Sheffield 'Woman: a Puzzle and some Methodological Musings'
12 February 2010 David Efrid University of York 'The Metaphysics of Repentance'
5 March 2010 Julian Dodd (www) University of Manchester 'Authenticity in Musical Performance'
12 March 2010 John Broome (www) University of Oxford 'Instrumental Reasoning'
19 March 2010 Graham Stevens (www) University of Manchester 'That'
26 March 2010 Elizabeth Fricker University of Oxford 'On not being able to believe what one is told'