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Trinity College Dublin Philosophy Colloquium

Michaelmas Term

Date Speaker Institution Title
19 October 2007 Ted Honderich (www) University College London 'From Actual Consciousness to Radical Externalism'
2 November 2007 Andrew Jorgensen University College Dublin 'Scorekeeping and the Case for Semantic Minimalism'
16 November 2007 Graham Priest University of St. Andrews 'The Closing of the Mind: How the Particular Quantifier Became Existentially Loaded Behind our Backs'
23 November 2007 Nicholas Smith (www) Macquarie University 'Analysing Hope'
30 November 2007 Cynthia MacDonald (www) Queens University Belfast 'Consciousness and Introspection'
7 December 2007 Niall Connolly (www) Trinity College Dublin 'Non-Existent Objects as Bare Particulars'

Hilary Term

Date Speaker Institution Title
18 January 2008 Alan Weir University of Glasgow 'Existence without Ontology'
25 January 2008 Mark Textor (www) King's College London 'Frege's Acknowledgement Theory of Judgement'
1 February 2008 Christopher Cowley University College Dublin 'Understanding without Condoning'
8 February 2008 Daniele Bertini (www) University of Parva 'Berkeley and Biblical Scholarship'
15 February 2008 Michael Beaney University of York 'Frege, Russell and Bradley: An Analysis of their Relations on the Analysis of Relations'
29 February 2008 Peter Simons (www) University of Leeds 'The Development of Whitehead's Metaphysics: 1884-1938'
7 March 2008 Christian List (www) London School of Economics 'Group Deliberation and the Revision of Judgements: An Impossibility Result'
11 April 2008 Thomas Pink (www) King's College London 'Promising and Obligation'
25 April 2008 Jean-Louis Hudry (www) Trinity College Dublin 'Aristotle and the Principle of Non-Contradiction: Is PNC part of knowledge or mere opinion?'