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Trinity College Dublin Philosophy Colloquium

Michaelmas Term

Date Speaker Institution Title
20 October 2006 Geoffrey Cupit (www) University of Waikato (NZ) 2006 Edmund Burke Lecture in Political Philosophy
'Justice and Fairness: What's the Difference?'
10 November 2006 Manfred Weltecke (www) Trinity College Dublin 'Three Rival Interpretations of Kant's Second Analogy of Experience'
17 November 2006 Dan Watts (www) Trinity College Dublin 'Rules, Exemplification and Spontaneity'
24 November 2006 Yonatan Shemmer (www) University of Sheffield 'Practical Reasons: From Philosophy of Action to Normativity'
1 December 2006 Michael Ayers (www) Wadham College Oxford 'Metaphysics, Reason and Natural Language'
8 December 2006 Chris Hughes (www) King's College London 'Contingency, Truth and Omniscience'

Hilary Term

Date Speaker Institution Title
19 January 2007 Tim Crane (www) University of Cambridge 'Aboutness and Non-Existence'
9 February 2007 David Smith (www) University of Sussex 'Disjunctivism and Discriminability'
16 February 2007 Christian Barry University College Dublin/St. Andrews 'The Ethics of External Soverign Debt'
2 March 2007 Thomas Johansen University of Oxford 'Aristotle on the analogy between thinking and perceiving'
12 April 2007 Philip Pettit (www) Princeton University 'Rationality and Reason: The Case of Groups'
12 April 2007 Philip Pettit (www) Princeton University Edmund Burke Public Lecture
'Democracy: Fashions, Failures and Fantasies'
13 April 2007 Leif Wernar (www) University of Sheffield 'Stolen Oil, Blood Diamonds and Resource Curse'
16 April 2007 Tim O'Connor (www) Indiana University Bloomington 'Theism and the Scope of Contingency'
27 April 2007 Anthony Skelton University of Western Ontario 'Reflective Equilibrium in Ethics'