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Joint Meeting of the SSHAP and the BRS

In the summer of 2015 the Department of Philosophy at Trinity College Dublin will host the fourth annual meeting of the Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy (SSHAP) in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Bertrand Russell Society (BRS). The local organisers for these meetings are James Levine (Philosophy) and Peter Simons (Philosophy) for the SSHAP and Peter Stone (Political Science) for the BRS. Details about both of these conferences can be found below.

4-6 June 2015


Keynote Speakers

Tom Baldwin (York)
Juliette Kennedy (Helsinki)
Michael Kremer (Chicago)
Wolfgang Künne (Hamburg)

The Society for the Study of the History of Analytical philosophy is an international organization aimed at promoting discussion in all areas of scholarship concerning the development of philosophical logic, philosophy of language, the philosophy of mind, metaphysics, the philosophy of science and epistemology. It welcomes scholars interested in the many ways in which the disciplines were influenced by thinkers such as Bolzano and Brentano and his school, Husserl, Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, the Vienna Circle, Tarski and the Polish School, for instance, but also seeks to promote work engaging with lesser known figures and trends.

For further information about the SSHAP meeting, please download the programme (PDF) and the abstracts (PDF).

5-7 June 2015


Keynote Speaker

AC Grayling

The Bertrand Russell Society (BRS) is an international organization dedicated to the memory of the philosopher Bertrand Russell.

BRS Meeting Programme

Note: All events will be held in the IIIS Seminar Room (6th Floor, Arts Building) unless otherwise indicated.
One may also download the BRS meeting programme.

Friday 5 June

BRS Board Meeting

Plenary Session
Neill Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor, Long Room Hub Building

          AC Grayling (New College of the Humanities),
          'On Russell's Definition of Philosophy'

Reception/Red Hackle Hour
Hoey Ideas Space, 3rd Floor, Long Room Hub Building

Conference Banquet
Fallon & Byrne, 11-17 Exchequer Street

Saturday 6 June

The Evolution of Russell's Philosophy
Chair: Chad Trainer (AFL-CIO)

          Bernard Linsky (University of Alberta)
          'The Harry T. Costello Papers'

          Russell Wahl (Idaho State University)
          'Sensibilia and Sense-Data: 1911-1915'

          Milan Soutor (Charles University, Prague)
          'The Significance of Russell's Theory of Descriptions for his Theory of Propositions as Incomplete Symbols'

Russell and World Peace
Chair: Nick Griffin (McMaster University)

          Tony Simpson (Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation)
          'After Hours: Working at the Russell Foundation'

Lunch/BRS Business Meeting

Russell on Religion
Chair: Tim Madigan (St. John Fisher College)

          Chad Trainer (AFL-CIO)
          ''Waking up' to Bertrand Russell's anticipation of Sam Harris' 'Spirituality without Religion''

          David White (St. John Fisher College)
          'Russell, Dewey, and the Emancipation of the Religious' (presented by Bob Zack)

          Raymond A. Younis (University of Norte Dame (Sydney))
          Master Class on Russell's Religion and Science (text)

O'Neills Pub, Suffolk Street (pay as you go)

Sunday 7 June

Russellian Problems of Philosophy
Chair: Russell Wahl (Idaho State University)

          Sean Crawford (University of Manchester)
          'Propositions and the Multiple Relation Theory of Belief: Russell and Wittgenstein Reconciled'

          Nick Griffin (McMaster University)
          'Russell's Neutral Monist Theory of Desire'

          Alan Schwerin (Monmouth University)
          Master Class on Russell's Table (text)

Russell and His Contemporaries
Chair: Bernard Linsky (University of Alberta)

          Ádám Tamás Tuboly (University of Pécs, Hungary)
          'The Limits and Basis of Logical Tolerance: Carnap's Combination of Russell and Wittgenstein'

          Landon Elkind (University of Iowa)
          'Newman v. Russell'

          Nikolay Milkov (Universität Paderborn, Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften, Germany)
          'Russell and Husserl: The Odd Couple'


The Russell Family Legacy
Chair: Bob Zack (St. John Fisher College)

          Tim Madigan (St. John Fisher College)
          'Lord John Russell and Crimes Against Humanity: The Great Famine Tribunal'

          Nancy Doubleday (McMaster University)
          'Paths to Peace Praxis through the Russell Archives: Wildness, Pedagogy and Engaged Learning'

          Peter Stone (Trinity College Dublin)
          Master Class on Russell's In Praise of Idleness (text)


Below are links to two registration pages, one for waged participants and one for students. On these pages there is the option to register either for both conferences jointly, which includes a small discount, or for each meeting individually for those who would prefer to only attend one. Also, there is the option to sign-up and pay for the conference banquet. If you wish to attend the banquet, we ask that you please include this with your registration. Any questions may be addressed to Peter Larsen,


Student Registration


There are many excellent hotels in the area around Trinity College for conference participants to choose from. Below is a selection of hotels in descending order of expense.