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Graduate Testimonials

Photo of Emma WebbEmma Webb (Grad 2019)

What struck me most about this course once it had begun was the international appeal of it. As a student from the UK, I very much expected to be the only member of the class that wasn't Irish - how wrong I was! The large-scale appeal of Irish Writing is testament to its intricacy and depth, and it was wonderful to get international perspectives on the course content. The course teaching staff are leaders in their field and present an exemplary programme of learning, with great scope to develop one's own areas of interest alongside the 'big hitters' of the Irish literary canon - the likes of Joyce, Beckett, Swift; and a great variety between poetry, drama, fiction, memoir, printed media and other forms of writing. I would recommend this fantastic graduate course to anyone and everyone with an interest in Irish history, literature and culture. 

Photo of Conor LinnieConor Linnie (Grad 2011)

My year in the M.Phil in Irish Writing was a fantastic experience that deepened my appreciation of Irish Studies and laid the foundations for my academic career. The course was rich and diverse, taking in figures such as James Joyce, Seamus Heaney, Samuel Beckett, and Elizabeth Bowen, while also introducing me to a host of fascinating writers that I had the pleasure of writing on for the first time such as Maria Edgeworth. The teaching staff always set a lively and engaging tone for each seminar, providing their invaluable expertise while at the same time encouraging each student to express themselves and to develop their ideas. Yet perhaps the most unique asset of the M.Phil is the special atmosphere created within the confines of the Oscar Wilde Centre itself. It was there in the common room and at the seminar table long after classes had finished where I got to know my fellow students and struck friendships that have lasted to this day. The place felt like home after only a few weeks, it became a social and intellectual hub that I was sad to leave when the course eventually drew to a close. I could not recommend the M.Phil in Irish Writing more highly to anyone looking to further their study of Irish literature. You will love it!