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Prof Orla Hardiman

Grants list (last 5 years)

2014-2017 Supervisor to HRB Clinical Training Fellow, Dr.James Rooney (€350,000)
2014-2017 ALSA Co-PI with Dr.Abrahams (Edinburgh) & Prof Al Chalabi (€240,000)
2014-2017 Joint Programme in Neurodegeneration (JPND) ALS-CarE Coordinator (€2.1million)
2013-2015 HRB Research Project Award (Biomarkers in Neurodegeneration) (€330,000)
2013-2015 Thierry Latran Foundation Identity by Descent to identify new genes (€100,000)
2013-2015 American ALS Association Funding for Post Doctoral Genetics Fellowship ($100,000)
2013-2014 IICN Fellowship for neuropsychology (with Dr.Niall Pender) (€50,000)
2013-2016 Health Research Board Interdisciplinary Capacity Building Award (€625,000)
2012-2017 Health Research Board Clinician Scientist Award (€800,000)
2012-2015 Workpackage leader SOPHIA: (JPND) Biomarker Consortium €2.3m (€232,000)
2011-2016 Workpackage leader European Community's Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement no. [259867] Total €9.5m (€269,000)
2011-2012 Thierry Latran Award (With Dr.Julie Kelly) Study of a novel TRH analogue in SOD1 mouse model of ALS (€60,000)
2010-2013 Research Motor Neuron funding for Studentship in ALS Genetics (€100,000)
2010-2013 Supervisor to HRB Clinical Training Fellow, Dr.Susan Byrne (Genetic Epidemiology ALS)
2009-2012 Supervisor to HRB Clinical Training Fellow Dr.Peter Bede (Neuroimaging in ALS)
2009 American Academy of Neurology/ALSA Sheila Essey Award in ALS Research $25,000
2007-2017 Health Research Board Clinician Scientist Award (€1.7 million)
2007-2010 Health Research Board Project Grant Replication and Development of WGA Study in an Irish ALS Population (€350,000)
2007-2009 Muscular Dystrophy USA. A WGA Study of ALS in a population isolate ($533,000)