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Professor Orla Hardiman

Professor Orla Hardiman

  • Position:Clinical Professor Neurology, Consultant Neurologist at the National Neuroscience Centre, Director of the National ALS Clinic & Irish ALS Research Group
  • Contact details: Academic Unit of Neurology
  • Telephone: 353-01-896 4497

Research Interests

My primary research interests include the epidemiology and pathogenesis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) with particular reference to the identification of genetic and environmental susceptibility factors. My internationally-recognized group recently identified an important new susceptibility gene for ALS, which occurs with higher frequency in populations of Celtic extraction. The group is in active collaboration with many of the major ALS centres in Europe and the USA, and is a member of the US based Genome Wide Association Consortium for ALS. Recent work has also focused on the clinical and genetic overlap between ALS and frontotemporal dementia, for which I have received one of only eight prestigious Health Research Board (HRB) Clinician Scientist Awards.

Recent Grants

Please click here for list of research grants over the past 5 years.

Recent Publications

Byrne, S., Heverin, M., Elamin, M., Walsh, C., and Hardiman, O. (2014) Intermediate repeat expansion length in C9orf72 may be pathological in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis & frontotemporal degeneration 15, 148-150.

Diekstra, F. P., Van Deerlin, V. M., van Swieten, J. C., Al-Chalabi, A., Ludolph, A. C., Weishaupt, J. H., Hardiman, O., Landers, J. E., Brown, R. H., Jr., van Es, M. A., Pasterkamp, R. J., Koppers, M., Andersen, P. M., Estrada, K., Rivadeneira, F., Hofman, A., Uitterlinden, A. G., van Damme, P., Melki, J., Meininger, V., Shatunov, A., Shaw, C. E., Leigh, P. N., Shaw, P. J., Morrison, K. E., Fogh, I., Chio, A., Traynor, B. J., Czell, D., Weber, M., Heutink, P., de Bakker, P. I., Silani, V., Robberecht, W., van den Berg, L. H., and Veldink, J. H. (2014) C9orf72 and UNC13A are shared risk loci for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia: A genome-wide meta-analysis, Annals of neurology.

Fahey, C., Byrne, S., McLaughlin, R., Kenna, K., Shatunov, A., Donohoe, G., Gill, M., Al-Chalabi, A., Bradley, D. G., Hardiman, O., Corvin, A. P., and Morris, D. W. (2014) Analysis of the hexanucleotide repeat expansion and founder haplotype at C9ORF72 in an Irish psychosis case-control sample, Neurobiol Aging 35, 1510 e1511-1515.

Fogh, I., Ratti, A., Gellera, C., Lin, K., Tiloca, C., Moskvina, V., Corrado, L., Soraru, G., Cereda, C., Corti, S., Gentilini, D., Calini, D., Castellotti, B., Mazzini, L., Querin, G., Gagliardi, S., Del Bo, R., Conforti, F. L., Siciliano, G., Inghilleri, M., Sacca, F., Bongioanni, P., Penco, S., Corbo, M., Sorbi, S., Filosto, M., Ferlini, A., Di Blasio, A. M., Signorini, S., Shatunov, A., Jones, A., Shaw, P. J., Morrison, K. E., Farmer, A. E., Van Damme, P., Robberecht, W., Chio, A., Traynor, B. J., Sendtner, M., Melki, J., Meininger, V., Hardiman, O., Andersen, P. M., Leigh, N. P., Glass, J. D., Overste, D., Diekstra, F. P., Veldink, J. H., van Es, M. A., Shaw, C. E., Weale, M. E., Lewis, C. M., Williams, J., Brown, R. H., Landers, J. E., Ticozzi, N., Ceroni, M., Pegoraro, E., Comi, G. P., D'Alfonso, S., van den Berg, L. H., Taroni, F., Al-Chalabi, A., Powell, J., Silani, V., Consortium, S., Collaborators, and Consortium, I. (2014) A genome-wide association meta-analysis identifies a novel locus at 17q11.2 associated with sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Human molecular genetics 23, 2220-2231.

Foley, G., Timonen, V., and Hardiman, O. (2014) Understanding psycho-social processes underpinning engagement with services in motor neurone disease: a qualitative study, Palliative medicine 28, 318-325.

Foley, G., Timonen, V., and Hardiman, O. (2014) Exerting control and adapting to loss in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Social science & medicine (1982) 101, 113-119.

Foley, G., Timonen, V., and Hardiman, O. (2014) Acceptance and decision making in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis from a life-course perspective, Qualitative health research 24, 67-77.

Goris, A., van Setten, J., Diekstra, F., Ripke, S., Patsopoulos, N. A., Sawcer, S. J., International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics, C., van Es, M., Australia, New Zealand, M. S. G. C., Andersen, P. M., Melki, J., Meininger, V., Hardiman, O., Landers, J. E., Brown, R. H., Jr., Shatunov, A., Leigh, N., Al-Chalabi, A., Shaw, C. E., Traynor, B. J., Chio, A., Restagno, G., Mora, G., Ophoff, R. A., Oksenberg, J. R., Van Damme, P., Compston, A., Robberecht, W., Dubois, B., van den Berg, L. H., De Jager, P. L., Veldink, J. H., and de Bakker, P. I. (2014) No evidence for shared genetic basis of common variants in multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Human molecular genetics 23, 1916-1922.

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Research Funding

Health Research Board, Muscular Dystrophy USA, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association, Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association, Irish Register of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis