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Dr Arun Bokde

  • Position:SFI Strokes Lecturer in Neuroimaging
  • Contact details: Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 353-01-896-4104

Research Interests

My research area is in neuroimaging and Alzheimer’s disease. I am interested in the early functional changes in the brain due to neurodegeneration and have investigated the changes in the visual and memory cognitive domains. I have investigated how brain networks are altered by brain neuropathology with the objective of developing neuroimaging based markers of Alzheimer’s disease. I have also been active in the use of machine learning methods for functional neuroimaging data to detect and discriminate between cognitive states. An area of active interest is the investigation of function-structure interaction using functional MRI, structural MRI, and diffusion tensor imaging.

Selected Publications

Teipel, S. J., Sabri, O., Grothe, M., Barthel, H., Prvulovic, D., Buerger, K., Bokde, A. L., Ewers, M., Hoffmann, W., Hampel, H., O'Dwyer, L., Lamberton, F., Bokde, A. L., Ewers, M., Faluyi, Y. O., Tanner, C., Mazoyer, B., O'Neill, D., Bartley, M., Collins, D. R., Coughlan, T., Prvulovic, D., and Hampel, H. (2013) Perspectives for multimodal neurochemical and imaging biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease. J Alzheimers Dis 33 Suppl 1, S329-347.

Dyrba, M., Ewers, M., Wegrzyn, M., Kilimann, I., Plant, C., Oswald, A., Meindl, T., Pievani, M., Bokde, A. L., Fellgiebel, A., Filippi, M., Hampel, H., Kloppel, S., Hauenstein, K., Kirste, T., and Teipel, S. J. (2013) Robust automated detection of microstructural white matter degeneration in Alzheimer's disease using machine learning classification of multicenter DTI data, PLoS One 8, e64925.

Bede, P., Bokde, A. L., Byrne, S., Elamin, M., McLaughlin, R. L., Kenna, K., Fagan, A. J., Pender, N., Bradley, D. G., and Hardiman, O. (2013) Multiparametric MRI study of ALS stratified for the C9orf72 genotype, Neurology 81, 361-369.

Bede, P., Bokde, A., Elamin, M., Byrne, S., McLaughlin, R. L., Jordan, N., Hampel, H., Gallagher, L., Lynch, C., Fagan, A. J., Pender, N., and Hardiman, O. (2013) Grey matter correlates of clinical variables in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS): a neuroimaging study of ALS motor phenotype heterogeneity and cortical focality, J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 84, 766-773.

Balsters, J. H., O'Connell, R. G., Galli, A., Nolan, H., Greco, E., Kilcullen, S. M., Bokde, A. L., Lai, R., Upton, N., and Robertson, I. H. (2013) Changes in resting connectivity with age: a simultaneous electroencephalogram and functional magnetic resonance imaging investigation, Neurobiol Aging 34, 2194-2207.

Rose, E. J., Morris, D. W., Fahey, C., Robertson, I. H., Greene, C., O'Doherty, J., Newell, F. N., Garavan, H., McGrath, J., Bokde, A., Tropea, D., Gill, M., Corvin, A. P., and Donohoe, G. (2012) The effect of the neurogranin schizophrenia risk variant rs12807809 on brain structure and function, Twin research and human genetics : the official journal of the International Society for Twin Studies 15, 296-303.

Rose, E. J., Greene, C., Kelly, S., Morris, D. W., Robertson, I. H., Fahey, C., Jacobson, S., O'Doherty, J., Newell, F. N., McGrath, J., Bokde, A., Garavan, H., Frodl, T., Gill, M., Corvin, A. P., and Donohoe, G. (2012) The NOS1 variant rs6490121 is associated with variation in prefrontal function and grey matter density in healthy individuals, NeuroImage 60, 614-622.

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Research Funding

Science Foundation Ireland