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O'Mara group

Research Staff and students

Principal Investigator Telephone Email
Prof. Shane O'Mara +353-1-608 1175 smomara@tcd.ie
Postdocs Telephone Email
Dr. Charlotte Callaghan +353-1-896 8471 callaghc@tcd.ie
Dr. Wen Wang +353-1-896 8471 wangb@tcd.ie
Dr. Maciej Jankowski +353-1-896 8471 macjankow@gmail.com
PhD students Telephone Email
Paul Wynne +353-1-896 8411 wynnep@tcd.ie
Deborah Keane +353-1-896 8411 keaned4@tcd.ie
Ehsan Chah +353-1-896 8411 chahe@tcd.ie
Rosalind Clare Hussey +353-1-896 8411 husseyr@tcd.ie

Previous research students:

Johannes Passecker (PhD, 2011)
Sally Barlow (PhD, 2009)
Gillian Cooke (PhD, 2009)
Olivier Gobbo (PhD, 2002)
Richard Roche (PhD, 2002)
David Delany (PhD, 2001)
Michael Anderson (PhD, 2000)
Colin Gemmell (PhD, 1999)
Magdalen Rodgers (MSc, 1999)
Amanda Ellison (PhD, 1998)
Sean Commins (PhD, 1998)

Previous postdocs :

Dr. Marian Tsanov

Dr. Sinead Mullally

Dr Sean Commins

Dr John Gigg

Previous clinical psychology thesis supervision:

Jeannane Garavan
Elizabeth Lawlor (MSc Clin Psych 1996)
Niamh Coleman (D Clin Psych 1998)
Niamh Nangle (D Clin Psych 1998)

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