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Professor Ian Robertson (Director)

Professor Ian Robertson

Ian Robertson is Professor of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin and was the founding director of Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience, as well as Dean of Research of Trinity College from 2004-2007. He is currently a lead PI on the Technology Research for Independent Living (TRIL) programme and also on the TCIN-GlaxoSmithKlein Neurodegeneration Programme. The first psychologist in Ireland to be elected a member of the Royal Irish Academy, he is a visiting Professor at University College London and a visiting scientist at the Rotman Research Institute, Toronto. From 1991 to 1999 he was a senior scientist at the Cambridge MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit (formerly Applied Psychology Unit), where he was also a fellow at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge. A graduate of Glasgow University, he gained his Masters and Doctoral degrees at the University of London, where he qualified in clinical psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry. He was a clinical neuropsychologist at the Astley Ainslie and Royal Edinburgh Hospitals 1982-1991; he spent a year as an MRC Fellow at University La Sapienza in Rome and is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society. He is a member and occasional acting chairman of the Wellcome Trust Neuroscience Committee. A former regular science contributor to the London Times, he was also a columnist for the British Medical Journal, and his multiply-translated popular science books include 'Mind Sculpture', 'The Mind's Eye', and 'The Winner Effect'.

He has published a number of academic books on alcohol problems (Controlled Drinking, Methuen, 1981; Problem Drinking, Penguin and OUP, 1982 - both with Nick Heather); unilateral neglect (Unilateral Neglect, 1993, with John Marshall; Spatial Neglect, 1999, with Peter Halligan); and neurorehabilitation (Handbook of Neuropsychology, Volume 9, with Jordan Grafman; Cognitive Neurorehabilitation, Cambridge University Press, with Don Stuss and Gordon Winocur). He has also published two self-help manuals (Let's Drink to Your Health, 1986, with Nick Heather; and Stay Sharp, 2005), as well as a number of neuropsychological test (e.g. Test of Everyday Attention, Test of Everyday Attention for Children). He has published over 180 peer reviewed articles, including in Nature, Brain, Journal of Neuroscience and Psychological Bulletin.

Ian's current research interests are in the neuropsychology of attention and awareness, cognitive genomics of attention, and neurorehabilitation.

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Last updated 26 July 2018

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