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MIU44002 - Molecular & Cellular Biology (Core Curriculum)

Module Name

MIU44002 - Molecular and Cell Biology

Module Credit Value


Module Coordinator

Dr. Kim Roberts


  • Prof. Charles Dorman
  • Prof. Ursula Bond
  • Dr. Alastair Fleming
  • Dr. Kim Roberts
  • Dr. Carsten Kroger
  • Dr. Gary Moran , Dental School

Contact Hours

30 lectures

Recommended Reading List for self guided study

Students will be provided with primary research articles and scientific reviews on specialised research topics for self-guided study.

Short Content Overview

This module builds on the core concepts of bacterial and eukaryotic gene expression studied in the Junior Sophister year and introduces students to "up to the minute" developments in research in this area. Lecture topics include, the dynamic genomes of bacteria and eukaryotic organisms with an emphasis on yeasts, the compaction and reorganisation of chromatin and the bacterial nucleoid during gene expression, chromatin modification, biogenesis of RNA, including RNA polymerase II transcription, RNA processing and export form the nucleus. Lectures on the interaction of viruses with the host cell machines are provided and students are introduced to the world of small RNA and the role of small RNAs in viral pathogenesis.

Students in their fourth year have an opportunity to explore, in detail, the major areas of Microbiology under the themes of (a) Molecular and Cellular Biology, and (b) Microbial Pathogenicity. The themes are covered in two Core Modules: MIU44002, and MIU44003. Lectures in the core themes are compulsory for all students. Each 10 ECTS module requires lecture attendance by students, self-directed study guided by recommended reading material and further reading beyond the course.