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MIU44001 - Research in Microbiology

Module Name

MIU44001 - Research in Microbiology

Module Credit Value


Module Coordinator

Dr. Kim Roberts


All Microbiology academic staff

Contact Hours

Research project and literature review involve directed and self-guided study.

Reading List


Content Overview

Students carry out a 9-week research project under the direction of a member of the academic staff and write a research thesis at the end of the project. Throughout the year students attend weekly seminars provided by invited leaders in the field of microbiology. Students carryout a literature review and write a 4000-word essay on a chosen topic in Microbiology.

Research Project, each student undertakes a chosen project in research labs of academic staff over a nine- week period. The research project accounts for 13 ECTS credits of the Senior Sophister year. Following consultation with their project supervisor, students prepare a short Powerpoint presentation on their proposed research, which is presented to the research group. Students produce a thesis of their research project when completed. Projects are assessed under three categories, Laboratory Performance (40%), Scholarly Performance (40%) and Thesis Production (20%). The project is also presented as a poster at a Festival of Science to which parents, staff, postgrads and other interested parties are invited. Please note that project presentations, including the poster presentation, are assessed within the Laboratory Performance component.

Review Essay, each student undertakes an independent, in-depth review of current research on a specific area of Microbiology. Students are provided with a choice of essay titles at the beginning of Michaelmas semester and submit the essays at the beginning of the Hilary semester. The review essay accounts for 7 ECTS of the Senior Sophister year.

Microbiology Seminar Series, National and International speakers are invited to deliver seminars on the most current topics in Microbiology. Seminars are held on Thursdays at either 1pm or 4pm and attendance is compulsory. Students are encouraged to read up on the seminar topics and to integrate this information with that provided in their course. This will help develop a deeper understanding of topics and facilitate more in-depth answering in examinations.