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Research Seminars

Dr John Mac Sharry| 30th January 2020
Prof Martin Cormican | 23rd January 2020
Dr Laura McCoy| 21st November 2019
Dr Shaun Brinsmade| 7th November 2019
Professor Stephen Levene| 26th September 2019
Dr. Marguerite Clyne| 21st March 2019
Dr. Jakkie Cooney| 28th February 2019
Dr. Jerry Reen| 7th February 2019
Jun. Prof. Dr. Alexander Westermann| 18th October 2018
Professor Leigh Knodler| 27th September 2018
Dr. Amy Cain| 20th September 2018
Professor Kelly T Hughes| 13th July 2018 - Summer Seminar
Dr Olivia Steele-Mortimer| 28th June 2018 - Summer Seminar
Dr Thomas Kehl-Fie| 14th June 2018 - Summer Seminar
Dr. Gary Moran| 5th April 2018
Dr. Brian Gibson | 22nd February 2018
Dr. Gerard Clarke | 15th February 2018
Dr. Francesc Coll | 08th February 2018
Dr Tadhg O’Croinin | 30th November 2017