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Current Students

The Law School currently has approximately 63 Postgraduate Research Students (PGR) on its Ph.D. and M.Litt programmes. Below is a list of selected current PGR students and their thesis titles.

Last Name           First Name           Course Type Thesis Title        Professor
Abd Razak   Abd Hakim   Ph.D. Comparative Analysis on the Interlocking Directorate Practice of Sharia' Scholars across the Sharia' Boards of Islamic Financial Institutions within the QISMUT Region.   Prof. Blanaid Clarke
Balto   Ahmed   Ph.D. Islamic Cultural Principles and Values in the Perspective of Western Human Rights.   Prof. Neville Cox
Bryan O'Sullivan   Sarah   Ph.D Self-Representation by the Defendant in Rape Trials: A Critical and Comparative Analysis of the Need for Reform of this Issue in Ireland.   Prof. Ivana Bacik
Campbell   David   Ph.D. Republican Theory and Criminalisation.   Dr. David Prendergast
Chike-Anamdi   Obianuju   Ph.D. Gender Diversity on Ireland’s Corporate Boards- Women Perspective.   Dr. Ailbhe O'Neill
Comerford   Steven   Ph.D Exploring the Legal Limits of Privacy on the Internet.   Prof. Neville Cox
Cotter   John   Ph.D. Steadying Factors in the Decision-Making Processes of the Court of Justice of the EU in Article 267 TFEU Preliminary References: Why the Decisions of the Court are Reckonable.   Dr. Diarmuid Rossa Phelan
de Contreras   Kate   Ph.D The Law Of Equitable Estoppel: A Philosophical And Comparative Analysis.   Prof. Hilary Biehler
Dunne   Peter   Ph.D

The Legal Recognition of Preferred Gender: A Human Rights Model.

  Prof. Mark Bell
Farries   Elizabeth   Ph.D

Involuntary Exposure: Exploring Copyright Solutions to Unauthorised Intimate Photos Online.

  Prof. Ivana Bacik and
Dr. Giuseppe Mazziotti
Fitzgerald   Shannon   Ph.D Intellectual Disabilities and the Irish Criminal Justice System.   Dr. Liz Heffernan
Fulham-McQuillan   Sarah   Ph.D The True Nature of Causation: Developing a Model for Medical Negligence Litigation in a Modern Era.   Prof. Neville Cox
Gordon   Brady   Ph.D. Limits of a Monetary Empire: The Constitutional Boundaries of Fiscal Federalism in the European Union.   Dr. Diarmuid Rossa Phelan
Heppner   Sonja   Ph.D Procedural Transparency in Investor-State Arbitration.   Prof. Hilary Biehler
Karayanidi   Milana   Ph.D. Judicial Jurisdiction in International Civil and Commercial Matters in Europe and Russia: Comparative Analysis.  

Dr. Niamh Connolly and
Dr. David Kenny

Lynch   Paul   Ph.D. Does The Retention Of The Concept Of Common Law Breach Of The Peace Within The Irish Legal System Permit The Garda Síochána The Potential To Infringe Beyond The Constraints Of The Criminal Law On The Civil Liberties Of Citizens?   Dr. David Prendergast
Mathews   Edward   Ph.D.

The Role Of The Criminal Law In Managing The Transmission Of Serious Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

  Dr. David Prendergast
Mitchell   Ben   Ph.D.

Social Class and Poverty as Inequality: Substantive Constitutional Equality Law and the Right to Education.

  Prof. Gerry Whyte
Murray   Paul   Ph.D Retained Telecommunications Data in the European Union: Arriving at a Proportionate Retention Mechanism.   Prof. Neville Cox
Noonan   Robert   Ph.D. Metaphysics in Jurisprudence and Law: Theoretical and Doctrinal Lessons.   Dr. Oran Doyle
Ogieriakhi   Ewaen Fred                 Ph.D.

Safeguarding Children's Welfare And Developmental Rights: An Application Of Contemporary Developmental Theory In Irish Child Law.

  Dr. Catherine Donnelly
Okonkwo   Ashimedua   Ph.D. Legalising Gender Inequality: A Comparative Analysis Of The Inequality In Law In Relation To Violence Against Women.   Prof. William Binchy
Walsh   Jeff   Ph.D. The Interpretation of the Cessation of Refugee Status in Article 1C(5) by States in the Global North and How That Interacts With Post-Conflict States in Transition.   Prof. Rosemary Byrne
Wang   Qifan   Ph.D.

The Role of Criminal Law in Counter-Terrorism Legislation.

  Prof. Rosemary Byrne
Yang   Kuan   Ph.D. Legal Issues of Subsidies in Civil Aircraft Industry Under WTO Framework.   Dr. Caoimhin MacMaolain
Yule   Andrew   Ph.D.

Do Differences In Legal Culture Prevent A Uniform Application Of A Voluntarily Adopted Common European Civil Code In Matters Of Contract Law And Undermine The Practical Use Of Such By Contracting Parties?

  Dr. Niamh Connolly and
Dr. David Kenny






Securitisation in Ireland.


Prof. Neville Cox