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The Two-Subject Moderatorship in Italian

Italian is combined with one other subject, as part of a four-year degree. If you take "Mod II" in Italian, you take three years of the other subject and four years of Italian; if you opt for "Mod II" in the other subject, you take your final Italian examination ("Mod I") after three years. The intensive language course is designed to help you reach a high level of fluency and accuracy in written and spoken Italian, and offers a mix of grammar, translation, video, audio, computer and conversation classes. In the first three years of literature (core course and options) we cover modern novels, poetry and drama, Dante's Commedia, Boccaccio, Petrarch, Lorenzo de' Medici, Ariosto, Machiavelli, Goldoni, Leopardi, Manzoni and Verga. Options may be taken in topics such as Italian history and society, the theory and practice of translation, women poets of the Renaissance, and advanced language skills. Fourth-year students make a special study of Dante's works, add more Boccaccio, learn more about the varieties of contemporary Italian, and write a substantial dissertation on a topic of their own choice.

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