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Marco BellardiTeaching Fellow

Office: 4037
Role: Language Tutor, Convenor of European Studies: Italian

Marco Bellardi (PhD, Birmingham) is a Teaching Fellow at the Department of Italian where he has lectured in Italian Culture and Language since September 2018. He was the recipient of a College of Arts and Law Scholarship at the University of Birmingham and completed his PhD in 2018. He previously studied at the University of Milan, where he obtained his BA and MA in Modern Humanities.
His research interests lie in modern and contemporary culture, with a particular focus on the history and theory of cinema and 19th- to 21st-century Italian literature. His approach is comparative and informed by intermedia theory, genre theory, narratology, and semiotics. His doctoral research was devoted to the influence of film form in fiction in terms of narrative discourse, and dealt with issues of genre, narration, temporality, and the imitation of cinematic techniques. It represented a theoretical attempt to demonstrate how the cinematic component integrates the stylistic and generic traits of novels and short stories relating to different periods, styles and genres of the twentieth century. The proposed theoretical model was tested on a corpus of American, French, and, especially, Italian case studies. He is currently broadening this work and planning to turn it into a monograph. His interests also include the cultural exchange between writers and filmmakers; media theory; literary stylistics, with a particular focus on writers characterised by a ‘simple’ style; the work and legacy of Giuseppe Pontiggia.


  • Bellardi, Marco, Uno smisurato equilibrio. La narrativa sperimentale di Giuseppe Pontiggia, Franco Cesati, Firenze, 2014.

Articles in refereed journals and chapters in edited books

  • Bellardi, Marco, ‘The Cinematic Mode in Fiction’, ENN5 Special Issue of Frontiers of Narrative Studies [peer reviewed and accepted, to be published in fall 2018].
  • Bellardi, Marco, ‘Some Key Themes of Ingmar Bergman’s Cinema in Giuseppe Pontiggia’s writing’ [in preparation, to be submitted winter 2018].
  • Bellardi, Marco, ‘Cinematic Structures in Italo Calvino’s Fictions’ [in preparation, to be submitted in winter 2018].
  • Bellardi, Marco, ‘Attacco e difesa: l’ironia nel Giocatore invisibile’, in Cadioli, A., Langella, G., Marcheschi, D., Ruozzi, G. (eds.), ‘Giuseppe Pontiggia. Investigare il mondo’, Interlinea, Novara, 2015, pp. 139-149.
  • Bellardi, Marco, ‘Lo sperimentalismo discreto di Pontiggia’, in Enthymema, X, 2014, pp. 227-244. English version: ‘Pontiggia’s Discreet Experimentalism’, in Enthymema, X, 2014, pp. 227-244.

Online and non-academic articles, blog posts

  • ‘Cinema e letteratura in una prospettiva di convergenza culturale’, in Il Maradagàl. Pensiero, lettere, arti, 1, n. 2, febbraio 2018, pp. 19-22.
  • ‘The Cinematic Mode in Fiction’, in Interdisciplinary Italy, 06/02/2018,
  • ‘Calvino vive, viva Calvino’, in Doppiozero, 25/11/2015,


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