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Clare Guest , PhD BA Hons (Oxon.), Dip. Hist. Art (Oxon.), MPhil (Dubl.), PhD (Dubl.) Visiting Research Fellow



Authored Books

The Understanding of Ornament in the Italian Renaissance. Brill’s Studies in Intellectual History 245; Brill Studies on At, Art History and Intellectual History 10. Leiden: Brill, 2016. 692 pp. ISBN: 978-90-04-29796-8.

Edited Books
The Muses and their Afterlife in Post-classical Europe, eds Kathleen Christian, Clare Guest and Claudia Wedepohl. Warburg Institute Colloquia Series. London and Turin: Warburg Institute and Nino Aragno Editore, 2014. 300 pp. ISBN: 978-1-908590-49-7.
The Formation of the Genera in Early Modern Culture, ed. Clare Lapraik Guest. Early Modern and Modern Studies 5. Rome: Fabrizio Serra Editore, 2009.  297 pp.  ISBN: 9788862271608. 

Rhetoric, Theatre and the Arts of Design. Essays Presented to Roy Eriksen, ed. Clare Lapraik Guest Oslo: Novus Forlag, 2008.  415 pp.  ISBN: 978-82-7099-496-0. 


Edited Journals
Hermathena 183 (2007), ‘Renaissance Greek’.  ISSN: 0018-0750. 


Peer Reviewed Articles  

‘Art, Antiquarianism and Early Anatomy’, Medical Humanities (BMJ Journal), December 2014, Volume 40, Issue 2, pp. 97-104. Published Online First: 11 April, 2014, doi:10.1136/medhum-2013-010419. ISSN: 1468-215X (Print) ISSN: 1473-4265 (Online).

 ‘Constable and the Mirror of Landscape’, De pictura 1, March 2013, pp. 62-65. ISBN:  9788874629879

Varietas, poikilia and the silva in Poliziano’, Hermathena 183 (2007), pp. 9-48. ISSN: 0018-0750.      

‘Renaissance Greek’, Hermathena 183 (2007), pp. 5-7.  ISSN: 0018-0750.  

‘Iconography and Topography in Raphael’s Grottesche’, Accademia Raffaello: Atti e Studi 2 (2006), pp. 65-80. 

‘Aesthetic and Metaphysical Meaning in Lomazzo’s Writings on Painting’, Acta ad archaeologiam et artium historiam pertinentia 16 (2005), pp. 325-349.  ISSN: 00650900. 


Chapters in Books
‘Italian Literature and humanist scholarship in the Fagel Collection’ in Frozen in Time: The Fagel Collection in Trinity College Library Dublin, ed. Timothy Jackson. Dublin: Lilliput Press, 2016, pp. 145-170. ISBN: 9781843516750.    

‘The Growth of the Pygmy Muses: The Muses in Italian Renaissance Poetics’ in The Muses and their Afterlife in Post-classical Europe, eds K. Christian, C. Guest and C. Wedepohl. London and Turin: Warburg Institute and Nino Aragno Editore, 2014, pp. 191-210. ISBN: 978-1-908590-49-7.  

‘Cicero’s Idea and the Role of Genre in Renaissance Claims for Poetic Universality’, in The Formation of the Genera in Early European Culture, ed. Clare Lapraik Guest, Early Modern and Modern Studies 5 (Rome: Fabrizio Serra Editore, 2009), pp. 26-57.  ISBN: 9788862271608

‘On Energeia’, in Imitation, Representation and Printing in the Italian Renaissance, eds Roy Eriksen and Magne Malmanger, Early Modern and Modern Studies 3 (Rome: Fabrizio Serra Editore, 2009), pp. 81-98.  ISBN: 9788862271110.

‘Figural Cities: Bruni’s Laudatio Urbis Florentinae and its Greek Sources’, in Rhetoric, Theatre and the Arts of Design, ed. Clare Lapraik Guest (Oslo: Novus Forlag, 2008), pp. 126-147. ISBN: 978-82-7099-496-0.

‘Giulio Camillo’s Theatre and Decorum in Mannerist Decoration’, in Ashes to Ashes: Art in Rome between Humanism and Maniera, ed. Roy Eriksen and Victor Plahte Tschudi (Rome: Edizioni dell’Ateneo, 2006), pp. 159-175.  ISBN: 9788884761033. 

‘The Room and its Ornament: Spectacle and the Fulfilment of Space in the Italian Renaissance’, in Form and the Arts: Theatre, Music and Design, ed. Roy Eriksen and Dag T. Andersen, Studies in Renaissance Art and Culture (Rome: Edizioni Kappa, Rome, 2002), pp. 64-74.  ISBN: 887890.


‘Paul Nash, Tate Britain, 26 Oct – 5 March, 2017’, in De pictura 2 (June 2017), pp. 272-74. ISBN: 9788874629862.

David R. Coffin, Pirro Ligorio: A Biography of the Sixteenth-Century Italian Artist, Architect and Antiquarian: with a Checklist of Drawings (University Park PA: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2004), Architectural Research Quarterly 12.1 (2008), pp. 90-93. ISSN: 1359-1355.

David Brett, Rethinking Decoration: Pleasure and Ideology in the Visual Arts (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005), in Architecture Research Quarterly 13.2 (2009), pp. 185-89. ISSN: 1359-1355.



‘Anatomy and the Baroque: Frederik Ruysch, Thesaurus Anatomicus 1709-26’, Edward Worth Library Dublin, Book of the Month, October 2012,



Chapters in Books
‘Spolia, ornament and architecture as institutio’ forthcoming in The Routledge Handbook on the Reception of Classical Architecture, eds Nicholas Temple, Andrzej Piotrowski and Juan Manuel Heredia. London: Routledge [2019], 6590 words.
‘Renaissance Gardens: Topos, Nymph and Theatre’ forthcoming in The Routledge Companion to Landscape Architecture, eds Ellen Braaeand Henriette Steiner.  London: Routledge [2018], 6500 words. 

‘Plato’s Stag-goats: Sophistic Inheritance in Renaissance Grotesques’ for Between Allegory and Natural Philosophy: New Perspective on Renaissance Grotesques, ed. Damiano Acciarino. Essays and Studies of the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, Toronto University [2019], 8000 words.