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Junior Sophister Computer Exercises

The exercises in these pages are designed to pick up some points from the THINKING ITALIAN TRANSLATION textbook by Hervey, Higgins, Cragie & Gambarotta, and could also be useful for some topics covered in your conversation class, or just for general interaction through Italian. The aim of these pages is to enable you to develop new vocabulary and other language skills, as well as thinking about translation strategies and presentation skills.

EX1 "La donna della domenica"

EX2 "Translation from Italian (James Joyce and Trieste)"

EX3 "Another Triestine writer: Svevo. Zeno Preface (revision exercise)

EX4 "Legal Contract"

EX5 "Tourist Brochure"

EX6 "Translation into Italian (Irish fiction)"

EX7 "Academic values?" (summarize in Italian)

EX8 Some political vocabulary and synonyms

EX9 Some economic vocabulary

The "Transferable Skills Project"

SPARE EXERCISES (to be updated)

MT1 Tabucchi's train journey, + some travel vocabulary

MT2 Environment, and some nuclear vocabulary

MT3 High Society

MT4 Literary lions; use of the narrative present

MT5 Communication, Youthspeak & SMS

MT6 Tabucchi's "Rebus", + some links for "Società"

MT9 Searching for bibliography

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