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One-Year Visiting Students:

Courses available and specifically aimed at Visiting Students include:

Visiting students may also take classes in Early Irish as these are taught through the medium of English. Please see the course listings on the International Office's website for the complete listing, or see outlines below. Visiting students who are already highly competent in Modern Irish may be accepted onto Modern Irish degree modules, but these are not suitable for beginners. Feel free to contact the Irish Department with any queries.


For a PDF with a list of Junior Freshman Early Irish modules and their Learning Outcomes, click here.

Also listed below are the PDFs for second, third and fourth year courses - but please contact the Head of Department, Damian McManus, or the Erasmus Co-ordinator, Juergen Uhlich, to gauge prior knowledge of Early Irish before enrolling for these, to see which would be suitable.

Irish Literature and Language

This one-year course on Irish (Gaelic) literature and language is aimed at visiting students who are interested in learning more about Ireland and Irish Studies during their time here. Students are introduced to Irish literature of both the early and the modern periods, Irish folklore and the history of the Irish language. It is suitable for both one-semester and full-year visiting students, as separate topics are taught in each semester, but the two semesters complement each other as a year-long course.

  • Duration: First semester (Michaelmas term), second semester (Hilary term), or both semesters.
  • Contact hours: 2 x 1 hour lecture per week
  • Assessment: 1 long essay or 2 short essays per semester
  • Credit weighting: 10 ECTS units per semester, 20 ECTS units for the full year
  • Module codes: IRU11141 (Michaelmas term), IRU11152 (Hilary term)

PDF of the layout of the course in 2019/20 available here. Which segments runs in which terms may change slightly from year to year depending on staff availability.

For the Learning Outcomes for IRU11141 and IR11152, click here (PDF).


Elementary Irish

The course is designed to enable visiting students to acquire a basic command of the Modern Irish language. Though the course is non-intensive, provision can also be made for use by the students of the Language Centre's laboratory as an auto-tutor facility.
Duration: Academic year
Contact hours p/w: 2 x 1 hour classes
Assessment: 1 x 2-hour exam (voluntary)
Weighting: Not for credit