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UC2 Project - Secure and Share with Office365


The UC2 project from IT Services aims to transform the day-to-day IT working environment by providing secure GDPR compliant data collaboration and storage environments for the University community within Microsoft Office 365.

Over an 18 month period the project team will visit all academic and professional staff to complete a series of security checks and security enhancements as described below.

The visits should take from 5-20 minutes per person and will be scheduled at times to suit all.

Each item involved is described in detail below, click on the headings to read a summary of each item.

1. Check the Security of Staff Computers.

The team will check each computer to make sure that:

  • Anti virus software is installed on the computer and operating correctly.

  • The computer is receiving software security updates from IT Services correctly.

  • The Team will install a piece of software which will allow IT Services to encrypt the computer if it is not already encrypted.

2. Check the Version of Microsoft Office Installed

The team will check the version of Microsoft Office installed and if necessary perform a re-install.

All staff should be running Microsoft Office365 Pro Plus which is available for download from

Office pro plus

3. Enrol Staff for Two-Step-Sign-In

Two Step Sign-In is required for all Staff who wish to access their Trinity email or Office 365 services when not on or connected to the campus network.

It provides added security to your account and your data ensuring that your account cannot be used without your knowledge.

This means that when you log in to Office365 from a new computer or network, you will be required to confirm your identity by a separate method, typically through a code provided by text message to a mobile phone in order to gain access.

You can find more information about the enrolment process here.

two step sign in


4. Provide Staff with GDPR Compliant Data Storage and Collaboration Tools

Once your computer has been secured and you have been enrolled in Two-step-sign-in we will encourage you to use the safe and secure tools available in Microsoft Office365 for document storage and collaboration.

You can access these tools by logging in at



You can then use, Microsoft Onedrive, Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Sharepoint Online to store files securely and share them with other staff, students or external collaborators.

See below for a description of when each of these services may be appropriate for your data storage needs.