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Dr. Laura CleaverDr Laura Cleaver

Ussher Lecturer in Medieval Art
Programme Director: M.Phil in Irish Art History

Research interests

I am interested in the production of art and architecture in the High Middle Ages. Although my research concentrates on medieval manuscripts, I work with objects in a wide range of media. My current interests include the illumination of histories, medieval diagrams, and the trade in medieval manuscripts in the early twentieth century.

I am involved with the Trinity College Research Theme on Manuscript, Book and Print Cultures.

I am a member of the New Interpretations on the Angevin World project, and am an associate of the Ordered Universe project.

Recent funded research projects include the illustration of history in the Anglo-Norman world (c.1100-c.1300), funded by the Marie Curie Actions grant (FP7), and research into Alfred Chester Beatty’s manuscripts, funded by the Irish Research Council. Further information about the Beatty project can be found here.

Selected publications

Education in Twelfth-Century Art and Architecture
  • Education in Twelfth-Century Art and Architecture, (Woodbridge, 2016)
  • L. Cleaver and H. Conrad O’Briain, Latin Psalter Manuscripts in Trinity College Dublin and the Chester Beatty Library (Dublin, 2015).


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  • Latin Psalter Manuscripts in Trinity College Dublin and the Chester Beatty Library
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  • Gothic Legacies
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  • 'Grammar and her Children: learning to read in the art of the twelfth century' Marginalia 9 (2009)
  • 'Taming the Beast: images of bears in twelfth-century English manuscripts' Ikon, 2(2009) pp. 243-252.


At its broadest my teaching covers art and architecture in Western Europe produced between c.400 and c.1400 AD. However my focused modules concentrate on works of art made in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, exploring issues of production, function and interpretation. These modules are largely based on material from Britain and France,and that available in Dublin collections. Modules currently on offer include

I supervise post-graduate work on medieval art, and in particular illuminated manuscripts. PhD theses supervised include:
  • Collectors of Indian miniatures in the first half of the twentieth century (2017-present)
  • Thirteenth-century Parisian Manuscripts of Peter Lombard’s Commentary on the Epistles (2014-present)
  • Mythical legends or Moralising Commentaries? The Marriage of the Sacred and Secular in Fourteenth-Century French Arthurian Ivories and Illuminations (2014-present)
  • The Faddan More Psalter (2012-present)
  • A Hierarchical Image Processing Approach to Analysis of Early Medieval Manuscript Art (2012-15)

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Contact Details

Department of the History of Art and Architecture,,
Trinity College,
Dublin 2.

Telephone: 00 353 1 8963487
Fax: 00 353 1 8961438

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