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Recent Academic and Creative Publications


S. Bayó Belenguer & Nicola Brady; Pulling Together or Pulling Apart? Perspectives on Nationhood, Identity, and Belonging in Europe. Peter Lang (2019)


P. González Bermudez "Blood Wedding in (re)translation"; International Journal of Iberian Studies 32.3 (2019)



K. Garcia "Al tyempo del kuechko dulse: History, Language and Identity in Enrique Saporta y Beja’s Account of Jewish Life in Salonika"; Pulling Together or Pulling Apart? Perspectives on Nationhood, Identity, and Belonging in Europe. Eds. S. Bayó Belenguer & Nicola Brady (2019)



B. Brewer "Value, Price, and Money: Early Modern Economic Theory in Three Episodes of Don Quijote.” in The Art of Cervantes in Don Quixote: Critical Essays. Eds. S. Boyd, T.L. Darby, and T. O'Reilly (2019)




C. O'Hagan "A Menippean Defence of Spain's American Conquest: Linguistic Imperialism in Juan Pablo Forner's 'Exequias de la lengua castellana. Revista Hispanica Moderna 72.2 (2019)




S. Bayó Belenguer "Mary Low: A Trotskyist with the POUM in Barcelona; Bulletin of Spanish Studies 95.9-10 (2018)




B. Brewer, "Put your Money Where your Mouth is: Early Modern Economics, Humor, and Point of View in Lazarillo de tormes", Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos 42.3 (2018)





C. O'Hagan "Rhapsodic Defence or Enlightened Critique? A Re-reading of Hernán Cortés's Conquest of Mexico in 'Carta IX' of Cadalso's Cartas Marruecas'. Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 94.1 (2017)


K. Garcia "Singing the Memory of Sepharad: Traditional Sephardic Song and its Interpretation". Ethnomusicology Ireland 5 (2017)


K. Garcia "La alegría de Jako: A ∆udeo-Spanish Song as Reflection of Linguistic and Cultural Synchretism". Studies in Arts and Humanities 3.2 (2017)


B. Brewer "'Yo sería codicioso mercader': Aristocratic Economics en El Abencerraje" . Revista Hispánica Moderna 70.1 (2017)




B. Brewer "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword: Action as Madness in Don Quijote; Forum for Modern Language Studies 51.4 (2015)



Getting it Wrong sbb

S. Bayó Belenguer (ed.) Getting it Wrong in Spain. Routledge, 2015


J. Rothwell, "La manual de seducción de la muy ilustre Marta Balletbò-Coll”, in Construyendo una mirada propia: mujeres directoras en el cine español (de los orígenes al año 2000). Ed. Francisco A. Zurian (2015)

Connect Past & Present

B. Brewer, “The Sins of the Father Are Redeemed by the Son (and Daughter): Determinism and Moral Autonomy in Cervantes’ Novelas ejemplares." Connecting Past and Present: Exploring the Influence of the Spanish Golden Age in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries. Ed. Aaron M. Kahn. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015


Katerina García. Kon Sira. Songs from the Sephardic Tradition (all songs except [10], edited and textually arranged by K. García)

Getting it Wrong

S. Bayó Belenguer, C. Cosgrove, & J. Whiston (eds). Living the Death of Democracy in Spain. Routledge, 2015




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