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Recent Academic and Creative Publications

B. Brewer "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword: Action as Madness in Don Quijote.” Forum For Modern Language Studies 51.4 (2015)

Getting it Wrong sbb
S. Bayó Belenguer (ed). Getting it Wrong in Spain. Routledge, 2015

J. Rothwell, "“La manual de seducción de la muy ilustre Marta Balletbò-Coll”, in Construyendo una mirada propia: mujeres directoras en el cine español (de los orígenes al año 2000). Ed. Francisco A. Zurian (2015)

Connect Past & Present
B. Brewer, “The Sins of the Father Are Redeemed by the Son (and Daughter): Determinism and Moral Autonomy in Cervantes’ Novelas ejemplares." Connecting Past and Present: Exploring the Influence of the Spanish Golden Age in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries. Ed. Aaron M. Kahn. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015

Katerina García. Kon Sira. Songs from the Sephardic Traditon (all songs except [10], edited and textually arranged by K. García)

Getting it Wrong
S. Bayó Belenguer, C. Cosgrove, & J. Whiston (eds). Living the Death of Democracy in Spain. Routledge, 2015

C. O'Hagan "Sanitizing Colonial Infection and Redefining Spanish Imperialism in Manuel Jose Quintana's 'Poesias patrioticas", Dieciocho, 37.2 (2014)

En Kantando
K. García. En Kantando [Ag Canadh]. Producers: Katerina García, James Ryan, Alan Doherty

Legenda Cork
B. Brewer, “The Sterility of Abundance: Marcela and Grisóstomo in the Golden Age.” Artificio e Invención: Essays on the Prose, Poetry and Drama of the Hispanic Golden Age. Ed. S. Boyd and T. O’Reilly. London: Legenda, 2014)

J. Rothwell, '“From Performance to Print: Exporting Lorca Through Translations of La casa de Bernarda Alba (1998-2012)”. 452ºF. Electronic journal of theory of literature and comparative literature 11 (July 2014)

S. Bayó Belenguer (ed.) Bulletin of Spanish Studies, 91, 1-2 (2014)

B. Brewer, “From Conquest to Contract: Property, Justice, and the New Economic Empire in Don Quijote Part I.” Revista de Estudios Hispánicos 48.1 (2014)

Piramide sbb
S. Bayó Belenguer & T. Nuñez Domínguez. ''Competencias psicosociales para profesionales de los medios', in editor Trinidad Nuñez Dominguez , La comunicacion como influencia social, Madrid, Ediciones Piramide, 2014

right or wrong
S. Bayó Belenguer, E. Ni Chuilleanain, C. OCuilleanain (eds), Translation Right or Wrong, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2013

Cervantes Journal
B. Brewer, “Jealousy and Usury in El celoso extremeño.” Cervantes 33.1 (2013). Awarded Luis Andrés Murillo Prize for best article of 2013

Victor Dixon. "New (and Ancient) Lights on the Life of Juan Pérez de Montalbán." Eds. M. Cunningham, Grace Magnier, A. Ward. "Golden Age Essays in Honour of Don W. Cruickshank." Bulletin of Spanish Studies 90.4-5 (2013)

Eds. Grace Magnier (M. Cunningham and A. Ward). "Golden Age Essays in Honour of Don W. Cruickshank." Bulletin of Spanish Studies 90.4-5 (2013)

James Whiston. "Introduction." Pepita Jiménez by Juan Valera, Trans. by Robert M. Fedorcheck. Oxford: Oxbow Books, 2012

S. Bayó Belenguer, C. Cosgrove, J. Whiston (eds.) "Agonía Republicana: Living the Death of an Era." Bulletin of Spanish Studies 89.7-8 (Nov-Dec 2012)

Jennie Rothwell. "Modernising Melodrama: From Douglas Sirk to Isabel Coixet." Journal of Catalan Studies (2011)

James Whiston (ed.). Benito Pérez Galdós. Fortunata y Jacinta. Ediciones Castalia (2011)

Grace Magnier. Pedro de Valencia and the Catholic Apologists of the Expulsion of the Moriscos. Brill (2011)

S. Bayó Belenguer. “Manuel Vázquez Montalbán as Franco.” Eds. A. Ribeiro de Menezes & C. O’Leary. Legacies of War and Dictatorship in Contemporary Portugal and Spain. P. Lang (2011)
C. O'Hagan. “Pedro Montegón's Eusebio: Atoning for Spain's Colonial Abuses in the Eighteenth Century." Dieciocho 33.1 (2010)

Katerina García, Lubos Malina, P. Komsumbersky, Adam Stivin, David Landstof. CD. Before Dawn. 2010

Official DVD. Conference: Agonía Republicana – Living the Death of an Era. Producer: Simon Hudson. A Stony Road Films Production (2010)

Ciara O'Hagan. “Rewriting Spanish Epic Poetry in the Enlightenment Period …” Bulletin of Spanish Studies 86.7-8 (2009)

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Deidre Kelly. “Looking Death in the ‘I’: R. Montero’s La Función Delta ... ” Journal of Romance Studies 9.1 (2009)

Victor Dixon. "Translating and Performing the Polymetric Comedia." Eds. S. Pau de García and D.R. Larson. The Comedia in English. Woodbridge (2008)

Victor Dixon. "Lope's Knowledge." Eds. A. Samson and J. Thacker. A Companion to Lope de Vega. Támesis (2008)

Ciaran Cosgrove and Daniel Kent. Gnomo. Ed. Rayuela (2007)

Victor Dixon. "Music in the Life and Early Dramatic Works of Antonio Buero Vallejo." Eds. D. George and J. London. Spanish Films, Theatre, and Literature in the Twentieth Century. U of Wales (2007)

G. Magnier (ed.). P. de Valencia. Sobre el pergamino y láminas de Granada. Peter Lang (2007)


Victor Dixon. "América en el Teatro de Lope de Vega: el caso de la conquista de Córtes." Ed. Ingrid Simson. América en España: influencias, intereses, imágenes. U of Wales P (2007)

Victor Dixon. "Beyond the Canon." Eds. C. Boyle, D. Johnston with J. Morris. The Spanish Golden Age in English. Oberon (2007)

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