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Department of Hispanic Studies

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Staff & Research
Departmental Executive Officer: Caroline Anderson:; extension: 896 1257

Dr Ciaran B. Cosgrove
B.A. (Belf.), M.A., Ph.D. (Essex)
Senior Lecturer in Spanish
Head of Department
Modern Spanish-American prose fiction, with particular reference to the Argentine and Mexican novel.
Literary theory and post-colonial studies.

Dr Susana Bayó Belenguer
M.A., Ph.D., MIL, DipTrans (IoL)
Lecturer in Spanish

20th century Spanish literature, history and cinema.

The novels of Manuel Vázquez Montalbán.
The relationship between History & Literature: history through fiction, autobiography, testimonies, memoirs as well as documentaries and films. The main historical periods studied are the Spanish Civil War from national and international perspectives, the Franco Era, and the Spanish Transition to Democracy.
Translation Theory and Practice

Dr Grace Magnier
B.A. (NUI), M.A. (NUI), Ph.D. (NUI)
Lecturer in Spanish

Literature and history of the Golden Age, with particular reference to the Moriscos History of ideas in the Golden Age, with particular reference to Pedro de Valencia.

Dr Katerina Garcia
M.A. (Charles University, Prague), Ph.D. (Charles University, Prague)
Lecturer in Spanish

Hispanic linguistics, especially Spanish and Latin-American Dialectology, the Sociolinguistics of Spanish and Spanish Historical Linguistics. Medieval Spanish literature. The discussion regarding the phenomenon of the Spain of the Three Cultures, i. e. the interaction of Christians, Muslims and Jews in the fields of art, literature and thought in Medieval Iberia. The history, literature and art of the Jews prior to their expulsion in 1492.

Dr Ciara O'Hagan
B.A. (Belfast), M.A., PGCE, Ph.D. (Belfast)
Lecturer in Spanish
Enlightenment Spain and, more especially, the representation of America in eighteenth-century Peninsular literature, with particular reference to epic poetry and the writings of José Cadalso, Pedro Montengón and Manuel José Quintana.

Ms Virginia Segura
B.A.(University of Sevilla), MPhil in Literary Translation (TCD)
Language Tutor

Ms Patricia González
B.A. (University Autónoma of Madrid, UAM), MPhil in Literary Translation (TCD)

Research Associates
Dr Eavan O'Brien
M.A., Ph.D.
Dr Nicola Rooney
M.A., Ph.D.

Prof Victor Frederick  Dixon
M.A. (Dubl., Cantab.), Ph.D. (Cantab.), F.T.C.D.
Fellow Emeritus

Golden-Age drama, with particular reference to Lope de Vega

Twentieth-century drama, with particular reference to Buero Vallejo

Prof Kenneth William John Adams
B.A. (Lond.), M.A. (Dubl., Lond.), F.T.C.D.
Fellow Emeritus

Spanish Literature, 1250c.-1500 Hispanic linguistics, historical or contemporary, encompassing the Peninsula and its regions and the New World. Teaching and learning of Portuguese in conjunction with previous knowledge of Spanish, and of Spanish with previous knowledge of French.

Prof James F. Whiston
M.A., Ph.D., Litt.D., F.T.C.D.
Fellow Emeritus

19th-century Spanish fiction, especially Galdós and Valera
Spanish intellectual life, 1868-1939
Writings of Antonio Machado during the Second Spanish Republic (1931-1939)

Writings of Manuel Azaña








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