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The William Rowan Hamilton Geometry and Topology Workshop

The Hamilton Mathematics Institute, Trinity College Dublin

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The William Rowan Hamilton Geometry and Topology Workshop is an annual workshop held at the Hamilton Mathematics Institute, Trinity College Dublin in August/September/October. The inaugural workshop was held in 2005 as part of the celebrations of the bicentennial of the birth of William Rowan Hamilton. The mission of the workshop is to  provide a forum in which  the international geometry and topology community can meet annually to discuss topics of an interdisciplinary nature. A major anticipated outcome of these annual workshop is the determination of future research directions, and the generation of a list of open problems in the topics of focus. The problem lists and lecture notes from the workshops will be posted on this website. Furthermore, the HMI intends to have a preprint series, whereby hard copies of the workshop results can be disseminated to research institutions worldwide.

August 22-26
Low-dimensional topology, complex and symplectic geometry
August 25-29
Interactions between three and four manifolds
August 26-30
Homological invariants in low-dimensional topology and geometry
August 27-31
Geometry and Groups after Thurston
August 28-September 1 2012 Measure and asymptotics in group theory and low-dimensional geometry
August 30-September 3 2011 The Geometry and Dynamics of Teichmüller Spaces

September 2-4
Knots, Surfaces in Three-manifolds
September 17-19
Computational and Algorithmic Geometry
August 28-30
Heegaard splittings, mapping class groups, curve complexes and related topics
September 6-8
Pro-p groups and low dimensional topology
September 28-30
Surface Groups in Low Dimensional Topology and Geometric Group Theory
October 7-8
Hyperbolic Geometry Workshop

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