Postgraduate Ussher Fellowships

These postgraduate fellowships are only applicable to new entrants on the Research Register

Postgraduate Fellowships are available to new entrants to the full-time Ph.D. register for entry in September and/or the following March of the same academic year (e.g. September 2018 and/or March 2019). The Fellowships aim to support and develop gifted research students. They are awarded competitively on academic merit.

The Fellowship fully covers EU and non-EU fees and provides an annual maintenance of €13,000 for three years.

Fees will be covered and maintenance is payable monthly via Trinity College payroll directly to your bank account.

The fellowship is unrelated to teaching.

It is important to be aware that income received by the award recipient from other sources (such as private tuition, research funding), can be to the maximum annual income level of €18,000 excluding fees but including the studentship maintenance. The receipt of any additional funding must be notified immediately to the Graduate Studies Office and the Staff Office payroll.

New entrants to the Research Register must make their applications online using

You must make your application for the Ussher award in conjunction with your Ph.D. application. This process is done online using

To apply for the funding during your online application, simply select the award (Studentship or Ussher Award) you wish to be considered for from the drop down menu in the Section of the application form titled "Funding/Financial Support".


Please note that the closing date for applications for this award is the 1st of May 2018.

This closing date covers September 2018 and March 2019 entrants only.