Postgraduate Studies at Trinity

Trinity College Dublin The University of Dublin is Ireland’s leading university, steeped in history with
a reputation for excellence in education and research.
While our campus dates back over four hundred years, our research
facilities and institutes sit right in the twenty first century. The university
has research strengths that span the Sciences, Medicine, Engineering,
Business, Arts and Humanities, a spectrum that is mirrored by our broad
range of taught postgraduate courses and research opportunities at
master’s and doctorate level.

Our inspiring professors are global leaders in their fields, and they work
alongside students in a common enterprise of discovery. The Trinity
curriculum isn’t just about imparting knowledge; it’s aimed at developing
the critical faculties of the mind, through freedom of expression,
willingness to engage in debate, and original research.
Employers worldwide hold Trinity graduates in high esteem.

The university has produced generations of outstanding graduates. Some of the most
famous people in Irish history have been educated here: writers like Oscar
Wilde and Samuel Beckett; scientists like William Rowan Hamilton and
E.T.S. Walton, who won the Nobel Prize for splitting the atom, as well as
two Irish presidents and many industry leaders and entrepreneurs.
As a truly international university, we welcome applications from
prospective postgraduate students anywhere in the world.
We hope you will consider choosing a course at Trinity for postgraduate
study, for an exciting new journey that will open your mind to new
experiences, ways of thinking and friendships, many of which will last for a