vmsg 2016 - Trinity College Dublin


The 2016 VMSG conference will be preceded by a full-day analytical workshop on January the 5th. This is open to a maximum of 24 postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows upon payment of conference registration fees. The workshop will be dedicated to 2-dimensional trace element mapping of igneous minerals by laser-ablation ICP-MS. The Geology Department at Trinity College Dublin operates two Excimer laser-based ICP-MS systems, which will both be available for the workshop. The workshop will cover the following topics:

a) Principles of LA-ICP-MS (ca. 30 minutes)
b) Various approaches to 2-dimensional mapping with LA-ICP-MS (30 minutes)
c) LA-ICP-MS mapping with Iolite v.2.5 (1 hour)
d) Data reduction (1 hour)Cell space Image

Practical component (taught in small groups of 6):
a) Setting up your own LA-ICP-MS mapping experiment (1 hour)
b) Remote operation of LA-ICP-MS using Teamviewer (30 minutes)
c) Reducing data of a real LA-ICP-MS mapping experiment  (1.5 hours)
d) Superimposing LA-ICP-MS maps onto photo-micrographs (30 minutes)
e) Q&A (30 minutes)

Participation in the workshop is free of charge, courtesy to sponsorship by Trinity College Dublin and Teledyne, Cetac Technologies. The workshop will be delivered by four expert LA-ICP-MS users.
Participants will need to make travel arrangements ensuring that they are in Dublin City Centre at 9 AM on Tuesday the 5th of January (i.e. arriving in Dublin on the 4th). Delegates can pre-register their interest by emailing (Teresa.Ubide@tcd.ie), however, firm registration will be on a first-come-first-serve basis once registration fee payment becomes live on 1st September 2015. In order to make the most of the workshop, participants need to bring their own laptop computer. Registered participants will be emailed instructions for installation of the required trial software 4 weeks in advance.

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