vmsg 2016 - Trinity College Dublin

Welcome to VMSG 2016

We are delighted to welcome you to the 2016 VMSG meeting in Dublin. The rocks around Dublin record key events in the making of Ireland, from the andesites of Portrane and Lambay Island, which were erupted along the southeastern shore of the closing Iapetus Ocean around 450 million years ago, to the Leinster granite exposed in the Dublin and Wicklow mountains, which records crustal melting around 405 million years ago during the late Caledonian Orogony. And how could we host the VMSG on the island of Ireland without mentioning the Giant’s Causeway in Co. Antrim? Steeped in mythology and folklore, the columnar basalts formed around 60 million years ago during the break up of the Laurasian continent.

Getting to Dublin is Easy, with many convenient and affordable flights from across the UK, but we do advise that you book your flights early. There are also ferry routes from the West of England. Once you get here, central Dublin has accommodation to suite any budget. Finally, Dublin is home to a vast range of restaurants catering to all tastes and we hope that participants will also explore a Dublin pub or two for evening discussions.

Finally, we hope that Dublin will also provide an engaging academic environment for VMSG. The different components of the conference will take place in a mixture of historic and modern venues, all hosted in the fine inner city campus of Trinity College Dublin. The local organising committee members represent a wide range of interests and skills that have helped to shape what promises to be an exciting scientific programme.