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Module GLU44925: Applied Geophysics

  Module GLU44925
Co-ordinator: Dr Chris Bean (DIAS)
Course Type: Optional
Assessment: In-Course Assessment (100%)
ECTS: 5 Credits

Contact hours & timing:

Hilary Term
Week 31, block taught

Module Learning Aims

The aims are to gain an appreciation of controls on geophysical images/models; to understand how to assess the information content and resolution of geophysical images/models; to gain an understanding of the importance of underlying physical principles in Earth model building.

Module Content

This course will provide an introduction to both the physical principles underlying and the field methods associated with a variety of geophysical techniques including: seismology, gravity, magnetic, electrical, electromagnetic methods. Processing, analysis and interpretation procedures will also be covered. The focus will be on applied problems and shallow geophysical applications. 

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

  • assess a geophysical model/image in terms of its information content and resolution;
  • design and execute a small scale geophysical survey appropriate to the geological problem under investigation;
  • understand the interrelationship between geology and geophysics in the wider Earth science context.