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Module GLU33937: GIS and mapping techniques

  Module GLU33937
Co-ordinator: Dr Claire Ansberque
Course Type:  
Assessment: In-course assessment (100%)
ECTS: 5 Credits

GLU22905, GLU22906

Contact hours & timing:

Claire Florence Ansberque

Hilary Term
Lectures/Practicals Weeks 29-31, nine hours per week

Module Learning Aims

  1. To provide familiarity with basic geological applications of the ArcMap and QGIS software packages, as well as graphics editing in Inkscape;
  2. To create basemaps for geological fieldwork GL4401;
  3. To provide familiarity with basic aspects of analyzing and interpreting remotely-sensed data, such as digital elevation models and satellite imagery.

Module Content

The module introduces two geographic information system programs: the industry-standard ArcMap, and the open-source QGIS. The functionality of these programs relevant to geological fieldwork is explored. The export of maps produced in these programs and editing using the open-source graphics editor Inkscape is covered, as is exporting and importing data to Google Earth. Remotely-acquired data, including elevation models and satellite imagery, will be analysed and the uses of this data to link local fieldwork to the bigger-scale regional interpretation will be explored. 

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

  • Produce basemaps suitable for geological fieldwork;
  • Generate digital fair-copy geological maps from field data;
  • Use remotely-acquired data to place field observations in a regional context.